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Asked: 2 years ago

Inaba Jewel Beetle?

I can't catch ab Inaba jewel beetle. I catch at night but I can never catch one. Is there anything that I can do to help my odds?

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From: MogMoogle1 2 years ago

The Jewel Beetle unlocks once you unlock the old man's request for the Guardian, which is unlocked once you unlocked the beach with your scooter.

Basically, if you try to fish out in the ocean, it won't let you, so you go back and talk to the old man about a sea fishing rod. He will then tell you to catch him the Guardian, which you should now be able to ask him about how to catch the Guardian and the bait used.

The Sea Guardian's bait is unlocked the same way, you will have to get the quest that has him request it from you.

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You're sure you've inquired about the Guardian? You have to talk the old man at the Riverbank and ask him what kind of bait you need for the Guardian. If you have and you still can't catch IJBs, your best bet is to just keep trying - and always aim for a perfect swing.

If you catch at night, try during the day, it might make a difference.

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Very important things you should do:

first, accept the request from fox about the final request about catching the sea guardian.

second, you must unlock the schichiri beach by riding your scooter the long way 3 times.

Third, try to catch fish in shichiri beach. but since you dont have the appropriate fishing rod yet, it will tell you to look for a fishing rod for ocean.

Fourth, go back to the old man in the riverbanks to inquire about the new fishing rod and also inquire about the bait in catching the guardian.

After fulfilling the above requirements, you should be able to catch inaba jewel beetle with no problem.

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