Question from Cj_Blazer

Asked: 2 years ago

Questions about clubs?

1. Up to how many clubs can you join?
2. Do you play some sort of minigame when you participate in the club?
3. What other minigames can you play?

Accepted Answer

From: YumeriaYumi 2 years ago

Joining a club really is just getting the social link. You don't do any minigame(at least not in Persona 4). You join a sports club and either drama or music(1 or the other) so only 2. I don't know about what minigames are in P4G but i don't think there will be much if any. It is more about the story and gameplay then little extras(if you count social links as main or extra is up to you but you don't need to do them so i guess they are extra).

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