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Asked: 1 year ago

How do I beat Happiness Hand?

I've tried using magic attacks on the Happiness Hand. I wonder what I'm doing wrong because the hand usually escapes before I can finish it. Any tips?

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From: LanceDearnis 1 year ago

At Shiroku Store, they sell Ball Lightnings, Firecrackers, Pinwheels, and Ice Cubes. Use these. Three will kill a Happiness Hand. On Rainy Days, you've spent 1080 Yen to gain 500 XP/2000 YEN

Why this works:

These deal a flat 50 damage, ignoring weakness and resistance (but NOT immunity/absorb) to any enemy.

High-defense and/or low-HP enemies, like the robots and Happiness Hands, are thus great targets for this. I suggest carrying five of each any time you go into a dungeon - you never know when you'll be in a desperate situation and you need Yosuke to Dizzy an enemy who's only weak to fire so that Yu doesn't get smashed to bits on his own turn next round.

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Just attack normally. They might stay might not. Best is to hope for a critical and then go all out(unless there is more than 1). No real trick other than luck or if you just want the trophy fighting weaker ones.

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Hit them with allmighty skill like megido,
If you dont have it yet then you cant do much, hope for a critical and do all out attack since all out attack deal allmighty damage

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Press TRIANGLE and hope for the best. That's all you can do. All hands resist magic, but I'm not so sure about almighty spells. Never tried it on them. Someone normally crits the hand monster series before they escape.

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Reduce the defense, and it's yours.

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I got your answer just now. Use Almighty attacks. They do real damage to them. It will be a one hit kill as long as there is no dodge(at least up to the secret base).

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I agree with YumeriaYumi, Almighty attacks seem the fastest way to deal with them as you can potentially take out a spawn of 3 in one shot. My main guy runs around with megidolaon and a 60+ Magic stat (first playthrough) and since i've started using it purely for the hands, there's never been a problem. the rest of your teammates you can just have them attack normally if you're not using anyone with an almighty attack.

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Mind Charge + Megidolaon/Morning Star = Dead hands :D

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