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Asked: 1 year ago

How do I beat (Kunino-sagiri)?

I do decently fine until about his last 10% health he spams unerring justice, for about 3 turns in a row. My party dies instantly most of the time maybe like 1 survives, I don't think leveling up will help me at that point, so I was wondering if there is a strategy to beating him?

My party is usually Yukiko, Naoto and teddie. My persona is Black frost for fire/ice attacks. Nothing for wind, and lilith for electric.

My teammates are
MC-level 55

Additional details - 1 year ago

I use a bead when the rest of my party dies, I only have 4 of them, and after those are over I die, i have 5 days, i think, till i get a game over.

Accepted Answer

From: Persona4Izanagi 1 year ago

Well at this point in the game depending on what difficulty you are playing on, the usual level is around 65. I was around 70 so i made trumpeter by then. but for the most part Black Frost is a good idea, especially if you have the "Auto-Sukukaja" Black frost from the margaret social link, and you have the "Agidyne, Fire Boost, Fire Amp, Mind Charge" attack. So the only problem i really see is your level so you might want to level up a little bit. i would say leveling to 60-65 is sufficient enough.

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