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10/24 Ms. Kashiwagi?? 1
About sneaking out can you still go inside a tv? 1
Adachi's S.Link? 1
After you beat persona 4, will you still stay in inaba? 3
Any chance of getting the game on another system ? 2
Can I max Margaret social link in the second play through? 1
Can I play the Persona series without playing anything else in the Shin Megami Tensei series? 3
Can I rank up the party members Social Links in December and January? 1
Can I still get the fishing pole? 1
Can Persona's inherit stats through Fusion? 2
Can you get another new game plus++? 2
Completing compendium? 1
Creating Izanagi-no-Okami? *Spoilers might be included* 2
Did they fix the Daigaku Imo event? 1
Do you have to beat the game on the second playthrough to get the true ending? 1
Does anyone know how to do the Ananta Fusion? 1
Easy money? 1
Easy or hard mode? 1
Enemies Weak to Physical? 2
Event save spots? 2
Firm Stance or Angelic Grace? 3
Fusing Norn?? 1
Great for newcomers? 2
Gurr and take-minakata? 1
Hardcore Risette Fan? 3
Help with the 1st dungeon? 1
Hermit and Jester Social Links? 1
How do i get into lovers R. with Naoto? 1
How do I take party members out of my active party? 1
How do you back up Persona 4 Golden save data? 2
How do you do the combo attacks? 1
How do you get better weapons in the game? 2
How important are "Special Relationships"? 1
How many New Game+'s can you have? 1
How many time can you revive in each difficulty? 1
How to get Adachi's social link up? 3
I can't find Chie? 1
I thought i completed the compensium? 1
Ice Break? 1
If I alredy finished Persona 4, Do I play Persona 4 Golden? 2
If i download persona 4 golden off the psn store will i be able to play it on my ps3? 1
In game events (help)? 1
Is leaving tv world delete save position in dungeon from using Goho-m item? 1
Is Marie a high school student like most of the other characters? 1
Is summer homework necessary? 1
Is there a difference between the Digital and Physical copy? 1
Is this an enhanced port of Persona 4, or is it a new game? 2
Izanagi no okami and Magatsu izanagi? 3
Izanagi No Okami? 1
Izanami? 2
List of persona-exclusive skills and skill cards? 1
Margaret and Izanami? 1
Margaret and new game + ? 2
Marie? 1
Maruyuku Striptease Dungeon min lvl? 1
Max out social links? 1
Max Social Link Guide by yangxu (Help) ? 1
New Game Plus? 2
Obtaining magetsu izanagi? 1
Persona 3 & 4 Skill cards? 1
Persona 4 Golden game save + install size on vita? 1
Persona status cards? 3
Player character going second in battle? 1
Ps2 data? 1
Questions about clubs? 1
Raising Adachi's Social Link? 1
Saftey mode? 2
Social Link question? 1
Social link? 2
Social links? 2
Team Combos? 1
The guide and my game is not sync? 1
The Trophy Hardcore Risette Fan? 1
Third Tier Persona? 1
Third tier? 1
Trophy help..!? 1
Tv listings screen unlock? 1
TV listings? 1
Weird noise? 1
What are the starting levels of each party member? 1
What do I do now that I finished Persona 4? 1
What does a New Game+ get you? 2
What happens now? (New Game Plus) 1
What is the best physical skill of the kind? 1
What is there to do? 2
What use do Arcana's have? 1
Whats the best level to beat daring gigas and shadow kanji? 3
Where does kanji hang out for his social link? 1
Where or how can I get Maharakukaja skill? 1
Wheres the work desk in my room? 2
Which is calculated first? Null, absorb or repel? 2
Which Social Link characters call the protagonist in December? 1
Why cant i hang out with adachi? 2
Why does some personas can't learn any new skills after lvling up? 2
Why isnt Kanji ever in front of the textile shop? 1
World domination? 2

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