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How do I beat the first boss with a Hunter?

I have DPS'd him for a solid 10 minutes and he still doesn't die. He flexes occasionally and sometimes he falls down... but he never dies. I am also unsure of what cards to use. Anyone have a good strat for taking him down?

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BGM_yoshiki answered:

Don't use huge combos on him, he will hit you otherwise.
Best tactics Ive used is the hit and run, hit him twice and then walk away.
Walking away is usually enough to avoid being hit, but when in doubt RUN. But make sure you don't run INTO his attacks.
When you move away. make sure he isn't charging for his ramming attack, if so then RUN! away from his path.
But you cannot run too far, otherwise you will only hit him for 1 damage.
Being a hunter means you will have to use this tactic for boss battles. It is a good 20 to 25 minutes when I killed him first time.
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pdnim7 answered:

Hunters are a hit-n-run class. I'd recommend one or two T then O, run away. Rinse and repeat. He should fall down eventually. Try to aim for his horn first. After the horn breaks, aim for the breastplate. Then aim for his left arm (the one with an armor plate on it). Those seem to be places that hurt the most. Also, if you can, attack him from behind.
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