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Asked: 2 years ago

English Demo?

Since they had a demo for the Japanese release, will they do the same thing for the U.S.?

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I believe....

no way, very rarely any demos got ported from jpn to en
and the fact that the en release is soon for us, and asia ver is already out
is going to make the translators think twice whether it's good to port the demo or continue developing the english full game

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I would say yes. Although the release date is "soon," that "soon" won't happen for another 6-8 weeks as of now, so it is quite possible for a demo to be released. It would be nice to retain the original Japanese voices though. I don't exactly appreciate English dubs as much as the original language the game was recorded in.

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It is possible it will have a demo as the AS version already has an English option for text.

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The demo is coming on November 13, according to the XSEED comments on the PlayStation Blog.

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