Question from renzian12

Where can I find this card?

I guess what I'm looking card is Raydric card .. but I'm looking for the one with "NATURAL KILLER" status on it .. I don't have an idea on what chapter is it and what quest is it .. any help around here?

ognirg999 asked for clarification:

can anyone near me this card coz it's hard for me to find this..



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jomyza answered:

In Ex Fenia 10star rank7 quest name idle Rhapsody Tomb Flower

I got this card for the first time to hunt it ^ ^
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jomyza answered:

Raydric rare10 star
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Avatar474 answered:

On chapter 7-5
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MrBlu1337 answered:

It's from idle rhapsody tomb flower from the raydics on the way to fight Ex Fenia, though I believe it can also be a quest reward from that same quest.
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