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how do I unlock the scorpion armor?

I was playing online and a guy came in wearing it, so I was just wondering how he unlocked it. Also is there any more equipment unlocked after you beat hrungnir at utgardar?

hypnoc_slayer_ provided additional details:

I did that one but I only unlocked the hat
what materials does it need?

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hypnoc_slayer_ answered:

Ok. In case anyone else was curious. You need 5 pretty sandstones for the armor and 5 beautiful sandstones for helmet. The armor can be colored blue, red, gold, and silver. And honestly its my favorite armor/helmet set in the game.
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deadwingxx answered:

You'll be able to get the Scorpion Lamellar by completing the Sograt Desert extra missions. I believe it's the first one (Desert Wolves) that unlocks it for creation.
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