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Flameblade Fragment?

In what place I should beat Surt, to get Flameblade Fragment?

vaa7ru provided additional details:

Got it, thanks.

vaa7ru provided additional details:

If he was not waving swords, it would be easy. Do not have time for them. Suggest tactics.


hypnoc_slayer_ answered:

you can kill any surt and he has a chance to drop it. If you kill him a ton of times you'll get quite a few. At least I did. Between trying to get Daeg Farbutti and Muramasa, I have no clue how many times I've killed him...
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DEABLON answered:

The final battle 2 is easiest, all you need to do is break his swords and you will get the item, and you can do that an infinite amount of times during 1 mission making farming it fairly easy to farm. Same goes for fist pieces and fire hammer fragments
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