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Asked: 2 years ago

Free Cast / Cast Cancel?

What's the difference?

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Cast Cancel: you can interrupt your cast at anytime (Great if you wish to get out of double cast)
Free Cast: You can dash immediately after casting your spells

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Free Casting!! - 10cc Dom card - allows you to spam magic if you are in the air. Triangle -> Circle -> Dash. Spam that and you should be able to quickly stun most enemies.

Free Cast - not sure how the cc is on this skill but it is usually found on Eolh Gridarvol weapons. Same as Free Casting!! as far as I know.

Cast Cancel - great if you are going to get pwned by a move because you can dash in the middle of casting a finishing spell, stopping the move.

Combine these two skills with cards that boost stun (Majesty or Master Warrior etc..) and you will have a mage that moves quickly in the air, spamming fire bolt or heaven's drive, that will down everything from Grendel or Hrungnir. Mainly used for support.

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