Question from hakurren

Help BEAR SURGE CARD :'( ? near me plz

Hi guys, i am very bored of this card BEAR SURGE !!!!! I try and try and try so many times....I do chapter 7-8 with good boost item dorp card but nothing.
Some one can help me plz and send me some card to near plz i am deseperate
For information i farm this quest since 7 days, 3-4 hours per day with other quest.

I really need bear surge,crit atk and pwr X2 5 and a free cast card for my mage
Thx you

Sorry for my english, i am french and i forget how to speeak english well.

My psn Hakurren09


zethz360 answered:

Me too please can you near me a bear surge PSN:zethz360 Please and thankyou
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