Question from shaider08

Asked: 2 years ago

How can I get (yellow fin, poisonous fin, THIN FEATHER, wyadd rune only)?

Although ive killed fafnir multiple times in chapter 8 it still wont drop yellow fin same as the poisonous fin and for the wyadd runem is there any way to get this as a rune only and not attached to the weapon?

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What is DLC?

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How about the poisonous fin and thin feather? What monster and chapter can i get these from?

Accepted Answer

From: Milrace 2 years ago

Its a rare drop from fafnir,althought u can try ur luck on dlc...and for the wyadd rune u can get from the last dlc(kill every poring)

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Dlc aka extra quest...
For the poisonous fin from hjahanir and thin feather is from method

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