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Item Location Help Answers
Can AP Inefficiency be Upgraded to AP Efficiency? 1
Can someone near me a Daeg Farbauti and Bear Surge? 4
Can you please near me orcish trans pls..? 1
Crimson oridecon and rune ingot items? 1
Crimson Oridercon and Emveretarcon? 1
Daeg Farbauti(near) dont refine to +10? 2
Do new items unlock as you progress throough the story? 1
Does Stagger Resist Up Level 4 and 5 Exist? 1
Help on Upgrading Weapons? 1
How can I get (yellow fin, poisonous fin, THIN FEATHER, wyadd rune only)? 2
How do i get Boss or monster armor? 1
how do I unlock the scorpion armor? 2
Improved Knockback and knockback in general? 1
Increase arrow distance? 1
Katana? 2
Lazy Bebe vs. Endure? 1
Need help again Phlogopite? 1
Question about Orcish Trance/Trans? 1
Sun Sword? And assassin uniques? 3
The best sword? 1
Weapon Attack in red and Weapon Attack in blue. Difference??? 3
What are the ingrediants for the gold star assasin armor? 1
What does Sonic Wave do? 1
What's the difference between critical power and critical attack? Also where do I get the cards. 1
Where can I find "Pretty Bracelet"? 1
Where can I find (Emvertarcom)? 2
Where can I find (Scorpion Hammer Card)? 1
Where can I find Alluring Eyes? 1
Where can I find Bear Surge , MannLegbiter Card Crit pow 5x2 , Orcish Trance?? 1
Where can I find blood red claw? 1
Where can I find Defenders Emblem? 1
Where can I find Elunium? 3
Where can I find fine fur, beast of prey's two horns, and giant yellow nails? 1
Where can I find Giant Drops? 1
Where can I find Hellhound card 4 stars? 1
Where can I find Nagaroar's ramhorn shard,giant droplets? 2
Where can I find phlogopite? 1
Where can I find Rune Ingot? 1
Where can I find this card? 4
Who drops ever embers? 1
Wht does the crystal in the bottom left hand corner for? 1
Wht does the gold background of a weapon mean? 1

Level Help Answers
How many chapters total are there? 1

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