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Open Questions

Item Location Help Answers
Can someone Near me an Bear's Surge card? 0
Can someone near mo some valuable unused equips? :) Please and thank you! 0
Help with card crit power 5/5 and nagaroar's fortune ? 0
Where can I find (golden julibee)? 0
Where can i find leaf hammer shards and ods card? 0
Where can i find this damn leaf hammer shard for my traitor and ods card? 0
About legbiter ... Help? o.O 2
Any1 know any good double attack weapon (low cost)? 2
Are the Epic Weapons Actually the Best Weapons? 2
Bear's surge? 1
Can anybody near me a good crit item like weapon or card for my assassin pls? 3
Can anyone near me some things? 1
Can someone be kind enough to near me a Daeg Farbauti? 1
Can someone help me with Bear Surge? 1
Can someone near me so cards for the trophy? 2
Can someone spare me a muramasa been hunting for it for days but wasn't lucky enough? 1
Does equipping two of the same card makes a difference? 2
drop locations? :D 1
Flameblade Fragment? 2
Floating loki card? 1
Help BEAR SURGE CARD :'( ? near me plz 1
Help with Bear Surge/Crit Power Up lvl4~5? 1
Hjahanir Card Glitch Help? 1
How do I add material to a weapons and clothing? 1
May someone near me both Loki, Surt and Hrungnir card for Platin? 1
Near Item Limit? 2
Near me the Mokkurkalfe, Hrungnir and Surt cards? 3
Refine? 2
Sun Sword? And assassin uniques? 3
Trade your orcish trans??... 1
Whats the best bow, sword and assasin weapon? 1
Where can i best farm battered feather? headgear quest 1
Where can I find (daeg farbauti with attack 5 n double attack 5)? 2
Where can I find beasts rage?? 1
Where can I find Daeg Farbauti with attack 5 and d.attack5? 1
Where can I find drenched claws? 4
Where can I find dry monster bone, cullfaxis remains and giant yellow nails? 2
Where can I find expeditionary force badges? 1
Where can I find lovely bones? 2
Where can I find Orcish Green? 2
Where can I find pretty/beautiful sandstones? 1
Where can I find Scavenger hunt card? 2
Where can I find steel? 3
Where can I find the following? 2
Where can I find the Unknown Metal ? 2
Where can I find weapons w/ attack lv.5 + crit attack lv.5? 1
Where do i find double attack cards? 1
Which rank of Hjahanir do i have to fight to get the (Sickly Tongue)? 1

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