• Unlock mantles & music by metal bands

    Many Metal bands have contributed music to Army Corpse of Hell. You can pick tracks by equipping mantles, but to unlock mantles these needs to be unlocked by a special password each band will post on their page / twitter / facebook etc. Besides the BGM change, the mantles give the effect of help/recover radius + 7. The passwords are case sensitive for be careful on capital "i" and lowercase "L"

    G75i8K8aGhouls Attack!
    MlM81I3h (lowercase "L", capital "i")MASTERMIND
    RJ53z42iRachel Mother Goose
    S4R29dlu (the l is a capitol "i")Rebel-Survive

    Contributed By: iori kusanagi and Anatat.


  • Trophies

    There are 12 Bronze Trophies, 12 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Alchemist of HellAlchemized all possible weapons, armor, and items.Gold
    Bastion of BloodshedCompletely filled the Demonic Compendium.Silver
    Champion of CourageAlchemized equipment for spearmen.Bronze
    Cleanser of HellCrushed 3,000 foes.Gold
    Demon God's BaneDefeated all bosses.Silver
    Eternal ReaperCrushed 1,000 foes.Silver
    Grim TrailerAchieved an overall platinum rating ten or more times.Silver
    Hell's MagiCleared a stage between 11 and 20 with magi only.Bronze
    Hell's SerenaderAchieved the maximum rating (excellent) in one of the musical instrument mini-games.Bronze
    Hell's SoldiersCleared a stage between 11 and 20 with soldiers only.Bronze
    Hell's SpearmenCleared a stage between 11 and 20 with spearmen only.Bronze
    Infamy of HellCleared a stage between 11 and 20 with an overall platinum rating.Bronze
    Infamy of PurgatoryCleared a Purgatory stage (21-30) with an overall platinum rating.Silver
    Infamy of TartarusCleared a Tartarus stage (31-40) with an overall platinum rating.Gold
    Lord of HellCleared up to stage 20.Bronze
    Lord of PurgatoryCleared all Purgatory stages (21-30).Silver
    Lord of TartarusCleared all Tartarus stages (31-40).Gold
    Overlord of the UnderworldObtained all trophies.Platinum
    Pinnacle of GoreExceeded 66,666 jewels in your possession.Gold
    Purgatory's MagiCleared a Purgatory stage (21-30) with magi only.Silver
    Purgatory's SoldiersCleared a Purgatory stage (21-30) with soldiers only.Silver
    Purgatory's SpearmenCleared a Purgatory stage (21-30) with spearmen only.Silver
    Resurrection InceptorCleared the first stage.Bronze
    Ringleader of the WretchedAlchemized first equipment for magi.Bronze
    Sage of AntiquityAlchemized first equipment for soldiers.Bronze
    Sage of SpearsAlchemized all weapons and armor for spearmen.Silver
    Sage of StaffsAlchemized all weaons and armor for magi.Silver
    Sage of SwordsAlchemized all weapons and armor for soldiers.Silver
    Sage of the AbyssAlchemized all consumable items.Bronze
    Sin's SlaughtererCrushed 100 foes.Bronze

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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