• Unlock the fourth school (Homura Crimson Squad) instantly

    To gain immediate access to the fourth school (Homura Crimson Squad), without having to clear the story modes for the first three schools; go to the school selection screen, while holding the L and R buttons, use the D-pad to push: Up, Left, Right, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up. You will be informed that if you proceed, you will not be given an explanation about the game's story regarding the appearance of the fourth school. If you accept, the fourth school will be unlocked.

    You will gain immediate access to the fourth school (Homura Crimson Squad).At school select, while holding L + R, use D-pad: Up, Left, Right, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up.

    Contributed By: hitechno.


  • Trophies

    There are 32 Bronze Trophies, 15 Silver Trophies, 1 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Asuka ClearClear all missions in Asuka storyBronze
    Battle Keeping ScoreCreate and play a Point Battle (even against CPU)Bronze
    Best DresserAll items purchased from the extended dressing roomSilver
    Combo PoisoningReach 7,777 in a single comboSilver
    Completed TrainingFinish all the tutorialsBronze
    Corps Members School DiplomaClear Corps Members Academy StorySilver
    Diploma Awarded!Clear all missions from Academy StoriesGold
    Enemy of WomenMake a girl react to all possibilities in the locker room....Silver
    Experienced Around UsTotal Experience surpasses 10 millionSilver
    Going out of Business and more!All items purchased, all panties wonSilver
    Good FinishDefeat a boss using NinpoBronze
    Hanzo School DiplomaClear Hanzo Academy StorySilver
    Haruka ClearClear all missions in Haruka storyBronze
    Height of the Turbulent ShadeAchieve 100% Shadow Element with any characterBronze
    Height of the Turbulent YangAchieve 100% Light Element with any characterBronze
    Height of the Turbulent YinAchieve 100% Flash Element with any characterBronze
    Hibari ClearClear all missions in Hibari storyBronze
    Hikage ClearClear all missions in Hikage storyBronze
    Homura ClearClear all missions in Homura storyBronze
    I'm Just A Little....Create and play a Strip Battle (even against CPU)Bronze
    Ikaruga ClearClear all missions in Ikaruga storyBronze
    Imu ClearClear all missions in Imu storyBronze
    Is it not good?Strip your enemy completely nakedSilver
    Katsuragi ClearClear all missions in Katsuragi storyBronze
    Life of the DriveGo into Sudden Death (stripped) mode for the first timeBronze
    Minori ClearClear all missions in Minori storyBronze
    Mirai ClearClear all missions in Mirai storyBronze
    Miyabi ClearClear all missions in Miyabi storyBronze
    Mon School DiplomaClear Mon Academy StorySilver
    Murakumo ClearClear all missions in Murakumo storyBronze
    Murasaki ClearClear all missions in Murasaki storyBronze
    Not Down To Earth WomanConnect 10 air dashes in a rowBronze
    Panties from the Sky!Create and play a Panty Battle (even against CPU)Bronze
    Please Stop!Be stripped completely naked yourselfSilver
    Pushy WomanWin 5 times while opponent is in airBronze
    Ryoubi ClearClear all missions in Ryoubi storyBronze
    Ryouna ClearClear all missions in Ryouna storyBronze
    Shiki ClearClear all missions in Shiki storyBronze
    Snake Woman School DiplomaClear Snake Woman Academy StorySilver
    Strip Pro!Destroy 1000 costumes in totalSilver
    Thank you for playing!!Earn all trophiesPlatinum
    The first prayer answeredWon your first panties in panty lotteryBronze
    Who knows the secrets of the maidensClear all missions in all character storiesSilver
    Woman Cut 10,000 PeopleDefeat 10,000 enemies in totalSilver
    Womans Tight DefenseSuccessfully defend/parry 100 times in totalSilver
    Yagyu ClearClear all missions in Yagyu storyBronze
    Yomi ClearClear all missions in Yomi storyBronze
    Yozakura ClearClear all missions in Yozakura storyBronze
    Yumi ClearClear all missions in Yumi storyBronze

    Contributed By: RyuuHou25.

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