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Title Screen


  1. Controls
    1. Out of combat
    2. In combat
  2. Game Systems
    1. Air Dash
    2. Clothes Destruction
    3. Elemental Paths
    4. Limit break
    5. Lockon/Parry
  3. HUD
  4. Menus
    1. Character Page
    2. Combo List
    3. Data Room
    4. Dressing Room
    5. Lottery
    6. Mission
    7. Ninja Room
    8. Multiplayer
      1. Online
      2. Local
      3. Menu Translations
    9. Pause Menu
    10. Save/Load
    11. Settings
    12. Shop


Out of combat

Left StickMove
TriangleOn the mission screen allows you to skip story text/voice

In combat

ButtonDescriptionCommon use
Left StickMove aroundMovement
Right StickCamera controlView
SquareLight attackDamage
TriangleHeavy attackDamage
CircleDash when tapped, when holding ninja runEvasion/Moving
CrossJump, press twice to double jumpMovement
Down on dpadLimit break, knocks back all enemies can be used whenever'Get off me' move
Up on dpadTaunt, if currently in the 命駆 state (陰 elemental path) it restores your ninja gaugeMovement
L1TransformGain access to more moves plus free health restore
L1 + SquareLevel 1 super, requires 1 scrollDamage
L1 + TriangleLevel 2 super, requires 2 scrollsDamage
L1 + CircleLevel 3 super, requires 5 scrolls and HP below 20%, Unlocks per character around Chapter 4 in story modeDamage
R1Guard, when you time the press just before being hit you will parry insteadDefense
R1Reset camera, when not locked onview
Front TouchscreenTapping an enemy allows you to lockonTargeting
Rear TouchscreenCamera controls, defaults to offView


  • Blue bar is your current HP
  • Orange/Yellow bar is your ninja gauge, each time it fills you get 1 scroll added onto the bar at the bottom (You will see 昇段 popup on screen). These scrolls are used to activate special attacks when you are in a transformed state. (Either 陰 or 陽)


Character Page

Character page

Combo List

Combo list

Data Room

Data Room

Here you can see what you have achieved throughout your playtime.

Dressing Room

Dressing room 1

After pressing Start a new menu pops up. Here you can select various preset gear combinations.

Dressing room 2

Dressing room 3

Accessories If you want to edit the position of an accessory then first press Circle while selecting the accessory slot then press Triangle. You will see this menu.

Positioning menu
  • Attach points
装着箇所 Equip Point装着部位 Equip Position装着箇所 Equip Point装着部位 Equip Position
頭 HeadNone右脚 Right leg右すね Right shin
体 Body右胸 Right chest右太もも Right thigh
左胸 Left chest左脚 Left leg左すね Left shin
尻 Buttocks左太もも Left thigh
右腕 Right arm右手 Right hand
右肩 Right shoulder
左腕 Left arm左手 Left hand
左肩 Left shoulder


Here you can collect underwear to be used for all characters.



Mission Screen

From training mode you will end up at this screen.

Training Screen

After completing a mission you will see the screen below.

Results page


From best to worst


Ninja Room

Ninja room

Pause Menu

Pause menu


Save/Load screen


Settings screen



Game Systems

Air Dash

You will notice that while performing combos occasionally a Green hoop effect(see left square inside image below) will expand from where you hit the target. This will allow you to perform the chase attack(飛翔乱舞). By pressing Circle the moment you see the effect you will be able to jump after the target. You can then continue your combo in the air. This can be performed no matter which way you are facing and if the current target dies will jump to the next nearest target. The 閃 elemental path allows you to continue dashing after your target ad-infinitum.

Green hoop effect(Left)

Air Dash 飛翔乱舞

Clothes Destruction

The players/enemy's clothes can be destroyed in two ways, taking damage and being hit by the enemy's super(ninpo). Over time as you lose more and more HP your clothes will get ripped down to different levels. The difference when being hit by a super is that depending on the level of the attack either the top or botton half of the character is instantly destroyed.

  • Level 1 super(L1 + Square) - Destroys 1 level of the bottom half of the target's clothes
  • Level 2 super(L1 + Triangle) - Destroys 1 level of the top half of the target's clothes
  • Level 3 super(L1 + Circle) - Destroys 1 level of both the top and bottom halves of the target's clothes

Damaged clothing

Elemental Paths

Depending on your play style you will have three elemental paths to level up your character with.

At each line in the bar you will unlock a new skill

Elements (飛鳥/Asuka)

閃 Flash - This is the standard form your character is in when you start combat(school uniform).


  • 20% - Short dash strengthened(more invincible frames)
  • 40% - Parry window increase
  • 60% - More money/gold after battle
  • 80% - Stronger guard
  • 100% - Infinite air dash + 50% more atk and def

陽 Light - You gain experience down this path by first pressing L1 and transforming into your ninja state. 


  • 20% - Short dash strengthened + can air dash 5 more times before falling.
  • 40% - Health gauge auto refills
  • 60% - Ninja gauge auto refills
  • 80% - The amount of ninja gauge gained from attacking increased
  • 100% - Hyper armor (don't flinch when hit) + Damage dealt/Defense while in this form increased from 50% to 100% (double damage, double defense)

陰 Shadow - You gain experience down this path by first pressing R1, using your fingers starting close together near the middle of the screen and swiping outwards(Essentially ripping your clothes off).

命駆-Sudden Death mode


  • 20% - Short dash strengthened + can air dash 3 more times before falling.
  • 40% - The time before the combo counter resets is increased
  • 60% - When you taunt ninja gauge fills up a little
  • 80% - When you taunt your HP fills up a little
  • 100% - The amount of health lost when using Limit break is reduced. Damage dealt while in this form increased to 200%. Defense lowered to 20% of normal (You will take more damage than before this upgrade)

Limit break

By pressing down on the d-pad you can instantly knock back all enemies at the cost of 10% of your HP. This can be used at all times e.g while frozen.

Limit break


  • Lock onto enemies by tapping the front touchscreen. If a boss is present one tap will lockon to the nearest boss. If there isn't a boss onscreen then one tap will lockon to the nearest target.
  • Parrying - Successful parries grant a boost to the ninja gauge as well as knocking back whoever hit you and completely avoiding damage. You can parry from all sides. Press R1(guard) right before an attack hits you and you will hear and see a sound effect when it is successful.

Lockon (Blue marker)



In order to use the server browser and play online(infrastructure) you will need the online pass. If you are buying the game new(physical) you will find the online pass on the inside cover of the game. If you are buying this game through the PSN store then the pass will be included with the game. Note: If you are importing the physical copy to play with a non Japanese/Asian PSN account then you will not be able to play online. The online pass counts as a DLC code and will only work with the same region of the game it came from.


Local play does not require an online pass. Here you can play with friends nearby with Vitas or create your own room and play with bots.

Menu Translations

Global terms

乱戦Free for all集団戦Team play
検索Search満員Full room
対戦場Battleground(map)参加者Player slot
対戦ルール編集Edit game rules衣装変更Change clothes (saved presets only)
挑戦取消Leave roomコメントAdd a comment
パスワードAdd a password決定Accept
条件無しNo conditionクイックマッチQuick match
プレイヤー名Player name称号Title
使用キャラCharacter usedBPBattle points
勝利条件Victory condition
点先取First to X points
Time limit in minutes
推奨レベルRecommended level
練習相手求むSeeking a training partner
初心者大歓迎Beginners welcome
強者の集いHigh level players
死合いの場Death match
対戦形式Game Type
脱がし会い戦Strip battle
パンツ争奪戦Panty battle
ポイント争奪戦Point battle

From the multiplayer menu:

  • 対戦掲示板 - Battle notice board
    • 近くの人と遊ぶ - Play with those nearby (adhoc)
      • 挑戦状作成 - Create room
      • 挑戦状検索 - Search for a room
    • 遠くの人と遊ぶ - Play with those faraway (infrastructure)
      • 挑戦状作成 - Create room
      • 挑戦状検索 - Search for a room
  • 番付表 - Global Ranking
  • 戦術指南 - Help
  • 設定 - Settings
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