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Special Gadget Combos

  • The numbers in the table simply indicate alphabetical order.
  • It doesn't matter which order you have the gadgets equipped for the combo.
No.Combo NameGadget 1Gadget 2
1Air DodgerAir BarrysEzy-Dodge Missiles
2Beat The HouseLucky LastToken Gift
3Disaster AvertedFree RideNerd Repellant
4Fortune TellerLucky LastX-Ray Specs
5Fantastic ContraptionsInsta-BallFlying Pig
6Futuristic FashionAir BarrysX-Ray Specs
7Glazed HamGemologyFlying Pig
8Great OddsLucky LastMagnetic Tokens
9High MobilityAir BarrysGravity Belt
10Instant SatisfactionFree RideToken Gift
11Just A Little FurtherInsta-BallFreeze-O-Matic
12KachingGemologyCoin Magnet
13Magnetic PersonalityCoin MagnetMagnetic Tokens
14Mild MissilesMissile JammerEzy-Dodge Missiles
15Miss PiggyFlying PigEzy-Dodge Missiles
16Nothing To See HereX-Ray SpecsNerd Repellant
17Not So LonelyFlashNerd Repellant
18Odd CoupleFlashFlying Pig
19Petty CashFlashGemology
20Quality ControlDezapinatorMissile Jammer
21Serious BounceInsta-BallGravity Belt
22Smash And GrabFlying PigCoin Magnet
23Speedy SteakfriesFree RideTurbo Boost
24Spin DoctorToken GiftMagnetic Tokens
25Transport TycoonFree RideX-Ray Specs
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