• Game Clear Unlockables

    These are various character models, clothing and accessory rewards that can be earned upon finishing the game. Some require finishing certain character routes and others require beating the game on a certain difficulty. Note that if you have any of the DLC, you can change Character models earlier than if you have earned it by clearing the game.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    "Otaku" diffculty levelClear the game once (any difficulty)
    "The Standard" Character Motion AccessoryClear the game once (any difficulty)
    Akihabara NPC character ModelsClear the game at least once with each route
    Anti-Gravity Manual (motion accessory)Clear all 5 character routes (any difficulty)
    Berserk Touko ModelClear the Rin Route (any difficulty)
    Change Character Models (NPCs, heroines etc.)Clear the game once (any difficulty)
    Change Partner's 'inner' equipmentClear the game once (any difficulty)
    Character Affection Hint OptionClear the game once (any difficulty)
    Character Model Size (in-game) ChangeClear the game once (any difficulty)
    Character Skin Tone ChangeClear the game once (Casual)
    Character Voice ChangeClear the game once (Gamer)
    I'll try Harder Tomorrow (motion accessory)Clear the game with at least 50% of all Sub-Missions cleared
    Kaito's Model & ShoesClear the Touko Route (any difficulty)
    Kati's Model, Shoes & TalismanClear the Touko Route (any difficulty)
    Master's Model & ShoesClear the Touko Route (any difficulty)
    Nana's Model, Shoes & Parka (hood down)Clear the Sister/Nana Route Submissions (any difficulty)
    Rin's Model, Shoes & CharmClear the Rin Route (any difficulty)
    Sakaguchi's Model, Glasses & ShoesClear the Shion Route (any difficulty)
    Shion Kasugai's Model, Shoes & AmuletClear the Shion Route (any difficulty)
    Shion's Mask, Shion's Lab Coat & Weird Prayer BeadsClear the Shion Route (any difficulty)
    Shizuku Tokikaze's Model, Shoes & TalismanClear the Shizuku Route (any difficulty)
    Souga's character Model & ShoesClear the game once (any difficulty)
    Touko Sagisaka's Model, Shoes & WardClear the Touko Route (any difficulty)
    Transparent Clothing ModeClear all 5 character routes (any difficulty)
    Walking while looking down (motion accessory)Clear the game with 100% of Sub-Missions cleared
    Yuuto's Model, Glasses & ShoesClear the Touko Route (any difficulty)
    Zenya's character Model & ShoesClear the game once (any difficulty/route)

    Contributed By: CO Mel.


  • Akiba's Trip 2 Trophies

    *There are 19 secret trophies. show

    ...You are my Sun... (secret)Clear Shizuku Tokikaze True RouteSilver
    A united front with Kaito? (secret)Clear Mission - Patrolling the Southwest Central Avenue with KaitoBronze
    A vicious beatingPerform a 50 chain combo attackBronze
    Accessory CollectorCollect 25 different accessoriesBronze
    Advent of the Akiba GodEarn all trophies.Platinum
    Alternately (secret)Change equipment for all character slotsBronze
    Anti Eco-CycleBreak 300 articles of enemy clothing (fail to strip)Bronze
    Aren't you popular (secret)Perform a Unison strip attack with all 6 partnersBronze
    Authority on WeaponsCollect 50 different weapons (DLC weapons don't count)Bronze
    Awakening (secret)Unlocked the cross-dressing optionBronze
    Cast off everything you touchPerform a 12 Chain StripSilver
    Cheerful ShoppingBuy something at every shop in AkihabaraBronze
    Creating the Ultimate Item with your sister (secret)Upgrade a weapon or clothing item to 999 StrengthGold
    Even so, take this!Perform 100 counter attacksBronze
    Fashion BeginnerCollect 25 different lower body equipment items (DLC items don't count)Bronze
    Fashion MasterCollect 75 different lower body equipment items (DLC items don't count)Bronze
    First item-synthesis with your sister (secret)Upgrade your first weapon or clothing itemBronze
    Gamer (secret)Clear the game on 'Gamer' difficultySilver
    Headgear ExpertCollect 25 different head equipment items (DLC items don't count)Bronze
    Hobby: Underwear CollectingCollect 25 different types of underwear (DLC items don't count)Bronze
    I'll only be your Idol! (secret)Clear the Rin True RouteSilver
    If it's about Akiba, leave it to me!Collect 100 advertising leafletsBronze
    Inner SweeperStrip a total of 100 pieces of underwearBronze
    Keep hitting you until you take it offPerform a 200 chain combo attackSilver
    Level UpperGet to Level 30Bronze
    Look towards the light...!Perform 20 finishing blowsBronze
    Memory of running the race (secret)Clear the game onceBronze
    Money GrubberHave a total of 1000000 YenBronze
    My only big bro (secret)Attain the Sister Route/EndingSilver
    Novice Vigilante Corps MemberClear 10 Sub-MissionsBronze
    Offense & Defense ReversalPerform 30 counter strip attacksBronze
    Otaku Gamer (secret)Clear the game on 'Otaku' difficultyGold
    Overexcited Fan (secret)Clear Mission - Rin's Secret Live ConcertBronze
    Shoe FetishCollect 25 different types of shoes (DLC items don't count)Bronze
    Strip BeginnerSuccessfully Strip 50 articles of enemy clothingBronze
    Strip SpecialistSuccessfully Strip 300 articles of enemy clothingSilver
    Stylish BeginnerCollect 25 different upper body equipment items (DLC items don't count)Bronze
    Stylish MasterCollect 75 different upper body equipment items (DLC items don't count)Bronze
    Supreme King of Stripping (secret)Clear S-Rank at the ArenaSilver
    The curtain falls (secret)View all True Endings & Sister's EndingGold
    The Decisive Battle with Zenya (secret)Clear Mission - Zenya Amou is waiting at the ArenaBronze
    Tied together by warmth (secret)Clear the Touko Sagisaka True RouteSilver
    To the 'next' stage...! (secret)Clear the Shion Kasugai True RouteSilver
    Veteran Vigilante Corps MemberClear 30 Sub-MissionsBronze
    We won because of your help... (secret)Clear Mission - Hurry to the Electric District Plaza!Bronze
    Weapon ManiacCollect 25 different weapons (DLC weapons don't count)Bronze

    Contributed By: CO Mel.

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