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Fun things to do in P2P?

What are some fun things to do in P2P? Like fun places to go and stuff. I am a new P2P player and I am lv. 51.

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crazedxerio answered:

well u have a wide selection of Quests 2 do that will take some time 2 do

if u want Money and at your level i would suggest buying a Ring of Wealth (gives u better drop Rate) and go West of Fally and go 2 the dungeon and go along it till u see Chaos Druids beat them up save there herbs if u want or just sell them (they Drop Rannar as a rare)

u have access 2 new Skills like Agility Slayer Farming ect so u could try getting them up

u can also buy all the armour in the game but some of it costs alot for starters 3Rd Age items for 50ml+ each

go Dragon hunting with friends
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AK251 answered:

I say firemaking. It's very fun and rewarding, being level 51 will help you out as well. Also catherby is a fun place to do it, it's good for fishing there as well.
Also you can train prayer with a gilded altar, so if you want to raise prayer levels this is the way as you get much more xp.
Hope you enjoy these members benefits.
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The_Red_Gyrados answered:

Firemaking has the best skillcape : D
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thecheese103 answered:

There are several more skills to train as well as more content for F2p Skills, more areas, quests, minigames, and generally more features.
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__Infernox__ answered:

Getting yourself banned is the only option.
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Red_Signal answered:

I cannot believe I am the first oneto mention minigames. Minigames, such as Castle Wars and Soul Wars are some of the most fun ways a runescape player can enjoy his or herself. Aside from the fun aspect of these minigames, most of them have great rewards such as armour and XP.
Hope I helped.
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pikachuboy7 answered:

Some fun stuff to do
1 get an interesting pet
2 make a ton of money
3 train yourself
4 minigames galore
5 tons of fun quests
6 get good items and show off to f2p players
7 explore
8 finish the new task lists for cool items and such
9 get a platypus (this was most important to me)
10 skillcapes
11 training is much faster so you can do that
and thats all i can think of
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poppa_back answered:

Castle wars
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CURBSTOMPP answered:

Purposely open the gates over and over at pest control on w144 so monsters can kill the void guy and make everyone mad and laugh at their reactions. This is actually a great deal of fun.
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