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What is the best strategy for Raising Att and Def?

Ok, my membership ran out, but I'm planning to renew it. The problem is, I have a whip, and for me it's just as hard on f2p as it is on p2p to level. Slayer does help some, along with the PC activity (pest control) . My stats are somewhat decent, so here they are:

52 att
50 str
53 def
46 range
33 prayer (really bad I know..)
51 magic
20 summon (doesn't really matter to count it, not a member atm)
26 dung
51 constitution

If you need more than that, just ask. But I really need help. Call me a noob if you want, but I just need help. I really wanna equip that whip!!

Thanks in advance :)

Kathy1987 provided additional details:

Yea, I have stopped a little bit on both strength and defence, and focus on attack. Since I'm farthest away from that. Plus like you said, less chance of getting 0 attack hit/exp. I was thinking on training on Hill giants myself. They do give decent exp. Though idk if they are members only monsters. If that's the case, I probably only got scorpions to go by.

That's why I wanted peoples opinions. :)

Thanks for replying, I'll try your method with the hill giants (after I get membership back if they are members only)

Kathy1987 provided additional details:

Oh, I remember that place. Thanks for the tip ;)

Also, I since my friends list is practically always read, if anyone wants to hang out and slay monsters, that's fine. Just gets really boring fighting alone. With all the bots and all.

Kathy1987 provided additional details:

Alright, will do, and thanks for the good tips :)

(And yes, wcing gets extremely boring... the skill has practically lost its touch :(

Accepted Answer

Liu_Domi answered:

I like to stay even; all of my combat stats are at 62 right now. However, the most efficient way to level is to begin with Attack, that way you won't waste as much time hitting 0's and not getting any XP for it. Then follow up with Strength to make the process faster, and work on Defense last. I like to train on Hill Giants, since they're easy to kill and drop big bones, that way you can work on Prayer simultaneously.
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Liu_Domi answered:

No, they aren't members only. You need a brass key to get to the area easily, and I think with your level in dungeoneering you can get to the hidden area. The top area is always packed, and the hidden area sometimes is, but not nearly as badly.
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Liu_Domi answered:

Yeah, definitely. Woodcutting gets boring as hell; I tend to go insane from time to time haha. Anyway my RSN is Legend Omar, feel free to add.
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