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How do I runecraft?

I have completed the runecrafting mission and mined some rune essense. But I do not know how to turn it into like fire runes and stuff.

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Vidy_ogamasta answered:

Basic answer- Use the talisman you got form the quest (air talisman) and right click it and "locate." If you go in the right direction, you will eventually find the air altar (located west of the path directly below Falador). Then you bring rune ess into the altar, click the altar, and convert the ess. Do this enough, and you can eventually do Mind at level 2, Water at level 4, Earth at 9, Fire at 14, Body at 20, Cosmic at 27, Chaos at 35, Nature at 44, and laws at 53. Anything after that requires a quest, and you will likely have more knowledge of the skill by then. Also, when you reach certain levels, the runes per ess is increased on certain runes (like airs have x2 runes at level 11, x3 at 22, and so on).

For more info, go here:
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sceptilelv100 answered:

You cant turn it into fire runes right off,you have to train your runecrafting skill,and to do that you need to have a tallisman and find the correct alter.
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gamemaster4u answered:

All u got to do is get a tailsman or tierra(if u know the place) and use rune essence and click the rock to get some runes.
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