Question from ummmwhatever

Asked: 5 years ago

Poison dagger?

I am a member with only a few days of credit left, i just bought a poisoned dagger, and i was wondering if, when i go back to f2p, the poison will ever wear off.....

Additional details - 5 years ago

If i have it equipped when i change back to f2p will it come off?

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From: gamingsmylife 5 years ago

Any member's only items are useless in f2p. They will give no bonuses whatsoever. When your credit runs out, your poisoned dagger will be useless. The poison will not wear off and you will not be able to use the dagger.

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Your dagger will become useless but it will be weildable(as long as you keep it on) but if you try and kill someone it will be like it's not there.

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