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Dragon Slayer - Quest help ?????

I have gone to for help, but I am still having problems. What is the beast/easiest way to defeat the dragon on the Dragon Slayer - Quest?

Acetron_87 provided additional details:

I am a Non-Member curently. Am of Acc., Def., Str., & Magic. Adamant Aromr, Anti-dragon Shield, Fighting Boots
Combat Lvl. 47 Att.: 38 Str.: 36 Def.: 42 HP: 39 Range: 11 Magic: 32
Prayer: 29. PS. I use quite alot myself.


Glarbysnorb answered:

Depends on your levels. If you're free to play, use lobsters, and use full rune with an anti-dragonfire shield. (Adamant also works.) If you happen to be members, use swordfish or if you're not very confident, sharks. I remember beating this years ago and I was terrified, and when I did it, it was really easy.
Use a Scimitar, Platebody, Plateskirt (cheaper) and a Full helmet, wearing an Amulet of Accuracy or Power(<----is that f2p?), along with Gloves of Player Safety and Boots from the Stronghold of Security, along with an Explorers Ring + a wilderness cape (easily get one from the person north of edgeville, on the south side of the ditch). If you can, I guess you could pray Protect from Melee.
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bph96 answered:

I did it at like lvl 50ish with full addy and a rune scim the only thing you really need to watch is wear an anti-draonfire shield if you don't will die ( dragons can hit like 40's if you are not wearing the shield)
its pretty easy really I've watched a few friends kill it and they all had no problems using lobsters and and a scim.
here is a list of good stuff to wear
power ammy
full rune/addy
rune scim
anti-dragon fire shield
good boots and gloves are cool buy don't help too much if you really don't want to loose anything ( i have never seen her kill anyone)
i also recommend maybe have a good friend watch the fight with a full inventory of food and if you run low get some extra from them
have fun this is a cool fight.
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ezcool1999 answered:

If you're a member trying to do the quest you can endulge in potions. Get a super set (Super attack, Defence and strength) an anti dragonfire potion and plenty of food. Lobbies or better are a good idea.

Armour wise you should take the best you have. Same with weapons, just make sure you have an anti-dragonfire shield.

If you're not a member do the same thing just without the potions (you can take a strength potion if you want).
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woahzzerz answered:

Use a rune short
equip only 3 things your chain-body,your rune short and your anti-dragon shield
use lobsters instead of swordfish
2 doses of strength potion will also help
then after you kill it/him/her use home teleport
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alighani1998 answered:

Just go to: link:
IT'll really help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Rubyyoshi answered:

If you are a member, get a poisoned dagger the highest you can wield, antifire shield with super attack and defence. Use hp upon your hp level. (meaning 250 = swordfish;400= sharks;300= monkfish etc.) Use rune/adamant. get strength potion.
Inv. ste-up:
wearing:full rune/adamant with platelegs. If you use adamant, use platebody, if rune, use chainbody. amulet of power, antidragon fire shield, poisoned dagger.
in invintory:Super set (super attack, super defence, super strength),1 click teleport that you don't have to go to magic spells area. food i mentioned above in the rest of your invintory spots.
If your non-members, use swordfish, same items mentioned except use strength potion, and rune scimitar.
Hope this helps!
Btw, i'm going to be offline for like 2-3 weeks to see if i make a profit. don't ask. pretty poor atm....
Runescape name: Rubyyoshi
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Red_Signal answered:

to be honest i found killing the Lesser Demon (about halfway through Dragon Slayer) harder than killing Elvarg.. so I dont thin you need to worry. Also i found that when i ate and resumed attacking Elvarg i seemed to hit him, whereas i could not hit him before.
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