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What should I train from level 1 to 99?

I've been using feathers, cowhide, and lesser demons so far, but I haven't been getting much lobsters recently.

Iokori provided additional details:

Maybe I should rephrase the title. I meant what should I train on from level 1 to 99, not what skill(s) I should train.

game_freak127 asked for clarification:

What are you looking for from a certain skill? If you want money, i'd suggest fishing, mining & smithing (because you cant have one without the other) runecrafting, summoning (although this costs massive amounts of money and/or time) or fletching. If you you to kill monsters, or get revenge on all those people that couldn't hold in all the "noob" comments, try attack, defence, strength, or archery. Your hit points will also increase along with these. If you just want to show off, i prefer construction, and hunting. I hope this helps.

The_Akatsuki5 asked for clarification:

I still don't understand. Do you mean what skill to 99 or combat-wise?

The_Akatsuki5 asked for clarification:

WTF ARE YOU LEVELING TO 99??? I don't understand the question. You say what should I train on to level 99, but not what skill you should train. WHAT SKILL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? Or are you talking about Combat???

alighani1998 asked for clarification:

Hey... what do you mean anyways... i responded once but what do you mean to train on? for like combat and stuff... or others? i don't understand...?...?....?...?...? Thanx anyways!!@@#!#@#!$#@$#$!#@#

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Zelda_Freek227 answered:

1-10 Goblins , cows , chickens

11-20 Minotaurs , black/grizzly bears, unicorns if you want good money

21-30 Flesh Crawlers (with food) , (members) Rock Crabs , Expirements

31-40 Repeat above

41-60 If you have food you may want to try going for lesser demons, also another good one would be roaches with L-O-T-S of food

61-80 Green Dragons, Revenant Vampires (bring full inventory of food for both)

81-90 Tzhaar-kets and other obsidian monsters

91-100 Black demons/Dragons , Iron-Steel Dragons , Ankous
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Sandyoso answered:

If you ant to know what skill you should work on, I'd recommend woodcutting. WC (Woodcut) normal trees until level 15, then oaks until 30. At that point, switch to willows until about 70. From then on, do yews until 99.

If you're a member, I'd suggest hunter.

Do kebbit hunting until you can do falconry, then stick to that until you can catch red chinchompas.
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Bosmoq answered:

Woodcutting is a good money making skill,especially for members.
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no3xaldin answered:

For members fletching and woodcutting and for non members with a lot of money train runecrafting, to support this train mining.
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shred514 answered:

If I were you I would train fishing and cooking and sell the fish.
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hangid answered:

If you get your combat stats to 99 you can make a lot of money from Bounty Hunter.
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Dj_Andy45 answered:

Dont forgot mining gold is 500gp each and if you make into rings etc thats 1.2k for saphire etc so you can make good money there and also make weapons , i say mining is good too. But it can be very slow....
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Thekey141 answered:

Mining, Crafting, Magic, Ranging, Defence, Fishing, Smithing, Runecrafting, and Fletching
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thecheese103 answered:

Woodcutting, that way you can sell logs for some GP(It adds up after a while), and you can use the logs to get to 99 Firemaking and Fletching.
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Kid2255 answered:

Um, it depends. The Stronghold of Security has varied levels, so try there. Oh, and you start as a lvl 3.
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faramir77 answered:

Do what Sniper says.
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Hiro_Blade answered:

Rock crabs are the only way to go.
If you're not a member, you have no reason to get to lvl 99, so rock crabs is the only answer.
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NOFRIENDS333 answered:

Start off doing woodcutting by the time your 99 woodcut and haven't sold your logs then you will be able to get 99 fire making as well.
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pokemonlink111 answered:

Kill Imps
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Sandyoso answered:

I don't see why you would want to stop at 99 combat, as 138 (126 without Summoning) is the maximum combat in the game.

As for raising the levels associated with combat, there are various tricks. For skills like attack, strength, defence, magic, ranged, and health, just attack monsters. Certain monsters which have lots of health and hurt very little (like Yaks, experiments, and cows) are great for training at lower levels. Once you've attained a higher level, try completing quests and go for more challenging monsters.

By training the Slayer skill, you'll actually be training everything else, too, so it's a great way to increase your stats.

As for prayer, the best you can do at lower incomes is go to the chicken farm and bury all the bones you see. If you do have some cash available, dragon bones are your best bet when used in combination with a gilded altar (Player Owned Home exclusive, level 70 construction required unless you use someone else's). Another method for prayer is a location in the Wilderness where there are big bones that respawn. If you choose this option, be careful, as revenants can kill you.
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imbrainy answered:

Do a skill that you enjoy. I did wc and i could do it again.
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Corpse_Milk_Man answered:

You should hunt crimson swifts.
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HuskyDogHelp answered:

On > Forums > Guide > Strenght Guide. you should find enough information. try using this guide:,99,43,56975444
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blaze_fire12 answered:

Chicken farm
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darkgilgameshv5 answered:

Combatting?Goblins 3-6 cows 7-25 guards 26-40 hill giants 41-50 cockroaches 51-99. Heh works for me. :)
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lord_o_spoons answered:

Fletching, because it is easy to get up so you can get an easy stylish skillcape.
Or hunter because it is also easy to get up if you are good at it and you get lots of money.
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Nitsujnworb answered:

Alright I got a bunch of suggestions.
1.) If you are rich and you just want a skill cape do Fm <Fire Making> Fastest and one of the easiest or Cooking , which is one of the most valuable.
2.)If you want 1 to prove you did a lot of work do Wc < Wood Cut> Or Mining.
3.)Looking for member one? Do hunter ,pays for itself. Or you can do Fletching ,which also pays for itself.
4.)Combat ones! strength defense range mage or hp all look cool to have <especially hp>.
5.)Going for uncommon ones get summon or herblore.
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pokebai answered:

I would suggest fire making. Fire making requires no money at all. Just cut down trees then burn the logs. Now if your rich and lazy (like me) buy the loggs and burn them. You can get this up so fast and earn yourself that FMScape you always wanted. Then again, this is only if you are rich. (the buying part) ^_^
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blaze_fire12 answered:

Mining and runecrafting.
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bph96 answered:

99 Mining lets u mine rune at 14k ea at the moment so thats really good money woocut aint bad either yews go for like 500 ea and... u can even read boards while cuttin yews if u just check back and forth (im doin that atm)
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woahzzerz answered:

Runescape wiki
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alighani1998 answered:

hey, bro..... i think a really good idea would be to...
A) Get your attack,defence, and strenght (range, but i don't recommend it) and kill many monsters for prizes and/or money.
B) Train level like woodcutting, fishing, cooking, and others to make a ton of gp...
C) Kill hobgoblins,hill giants, moss giants, etc... and that way yo can get your combat level up while making a ton of gp by selling the valuable drops.
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shinydarkrai98 answered:

Wow. Lots of answers to this question :P I'll just give an f2p guide cuz I'm guessing you're f2p and not a lot of people covered that.

Level 1-10 I would recommend chickens or other level 1 monsters because they don't hit you much. Best spot is just north of lumbridge in the chicken coop.
Level 11-30 I would recommend cows or goblins now, a good spot is the cow place by champions guild, lets you bank cowhide/raw beef with beefy bill.
Level 30-60 Flesh Crawlers is your best bet now. They are relatively crowded but good xp.
Level 60+ If you stay on f2p, giant spiders is the best xp out of every monster on f2p rs. Definitely bring food and att/str potions also help. You wont make money from many of these training spots so you will probably have to take breaks to make money for food/pots.

Always make sure you have the best armor/scimitar for your level.
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poweradefan100 answered:

Well, what skill are you talking about?

Combat? (if so it's level 3 to 99. And the max f2p combat lvl is 126, mems 138.)
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j64403 answered:

Well if you have the money and the patience, try these 99s:
Dungeoneering ( depending if you're a hate or not, but this 99 would take a very long time)
Well whatever you pick good luck on it
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kirbyguy21 answered:

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computergeek100 answered:

On ones with sucess rates compared to lvl,for example,i was fishing 1-10 on crayfish,after that i cant remember.
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computergeek100 answered:

Well you know what i mean,just train on what ever has a guranteed success.
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