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It's worth how much you paid for itAlamar1/10
Forever hail the good times that come with this game.AlexOwns10/10
*sigh* A game that could've been awesome.Gungnire1/10
An honest review from a RuneScape user.Obeliskos9/10
Runescape, not for the faint of heartPteran9/10
RuneScape - Close But NO CigarTrizi2/10
Addicting, fun, cheap, all around awesome why do people hate it?0mnizoom8/10
Runescape: The Good, The Bad and The UglyBlack_Spyke7/10
Better than most online gamesComputerbug98/10
Runescape, fun, for awhile, but always a good thing to playdanr147/10
Is It Worth Playing Runescape?demonslay1137/10
A Beautiful Game for the DedicatedDeoxys_Prime9/10
It has its ups and downs, but overall, it's an AWESOME game.Dungeoneering8/10
The Truth of DespairKastro1874204/10
Eat. Sleep. Runescape.Killa Whales10/10
Run, escape! (sorry, I know that joke is overused)LegendofLegaia2/10
Not bad, but not good. The updates killed the game.Metal_hillbilly6/10
Awesome game, you won't be disappointed!moneybags1239/10
How to left click for 100 hours or more!MONKEY_PANTS3/10
A Legendary game or a babies toy?Moonsummit8/10
A whole lotta runes with a whole lotta attitude.myles18908/10
Non-member Review current as of February 2006PinoyGenius5/10
A simple, yet sometimes fun patience tester/'builder-upper'PKMNRULES8/10
This game should not be overlooked by its graphicsReborn_TearG0d9/10
Underserving of it's bad reputation.rossmallo10/10
It starts out mercurial, but in the end, barely hits the ground running.Skullcraft6/10
Most addicting game I've played in my LIFETalong22210/10
An addicting, always changing game, for better or worse.thecheese1039/10

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RuneScape isn't a game, it's a hobby!albrowne10/10
Runescape - Is it for you?Altair4003/10
You get what you pay for.AnimalXing73/10
It's fun for a while, but it gets old pretty quicklyBlack_Cheese5/10
A interesting game that will have you back for more, and all for just $5 a month!Bratbuddy18/10
Free? Online? Multiplayer? What more can you ask for!Dagannoth9/10
RuneScape. Prepare to surrender your free time.gamemaster4149/10
In some respects, slays the giants of the MMO genre... In most, pales in comparison... But free!Hhhmmm4/10
Jagex released a free game; I give you an objective reviewJ J N7/10
A great Game Period.Kirby Ownz9/10
Freddy Rekons Eggs are ExcellentLagunathemoron7/10
Addicting? Yes. Fun? No.Lewttehhat3/10
Possibly the Worst Game of the 21st centurymoonkeithmoon2/10
Wow, this game is just amazing...Mr Moose 00Q10/10
Java's power is exemplified in this awesome game. Thanks, Jagex.naejembocaj8/10
It's fun and Free-to-Play, but it depends on your tastes...OmegaZephyr7/10
A "fun" game.PkerCena3163/10
Get a deep RPG for free!PritomD9/10
A good game, as far as online games goRuffrabalder7/10
You will spend a lot of time with this gameSabin178/10
A big game, but be a member!shadowfuryx106/10
If you're looking for an online game, look no more.ShrinaSoldier2317/10
One of the best MMORPGs, and free to bootSmashnuke9/10
A great game with constant updates. Runescape dose it all.soildus snake9/10
Love to grind? Then you'll love thisSplester2/10
Well, there aren't any penguins, but it's good anyway.The LSDboy7/10
Don't over look this game cause of it's graphics!!xxteardropxx8/10

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It could be ALOT better but it's still fun.Archae The Great7/10
RuneScape. A veteran's point of view.axeldarken7/10
RuneScape: A Review from an actual playerblaze_fire129/10
Runescape- Addictive, but sometimes annoying.Blue_Oreo9/10
A great, and steadily improving MMORPGC0smic19/10
Addicting as hell... but with room for improvementsciriuz889/10
Do NOT judge this game by its graphicsCucumber Man10/10
Exciting at first, but then falls flat on the groundDarthLucin4/10
A Step into the right direction for new aged online gaming, but still not good enough.Demizer3/10
Runescape!!! For when level farming is what gets you hot...dsaddict5/10
Good, but could use some more work...frizenclaw8887/10
Runescape More than Exceptionalgregpker9/10
This game is free. But is it worth playing still?hentaifever3/10
It's on the edge...InfernoCrossing6/10
Good...while it lastsjaxxart7/10
Just Pointlessjoeyissoweird3/10
A time consuming game you hate to loveKSW1316/10
Addicting and Boring.landofflames9/10
Runescape: Good or Bad?Lightenforce8/10
The Only Online Game I PlayMagic Mario9/10
An extremely good MMORPG...Monster81110/10
An Grand Online RPG with a few annowing quirksMrCardboardTube8/10
Fun If You Have Friends That PlayNickyGee6/10
-THE- best free game I've ever played.ohnoitschris9/10
Free, fun, online RPG that only has room to improve.Padijun7/10
Runeskap da best gaem yo!Prometheus898/10
Repetitive Greatness!RSLandX9/10
The game that we all wish was better.Runey5/10
The Best Fantasy MMORPG--in my opinionSaradominSavior9/10
Not the best, but definitely not the worseslipknotte7/10
It starts out fun, but then it losses its touchStunn7/10
A game that is well known but has many flawstruebladegamer6/10
Rune Scape in a Nutshelluglysword9/10
Plenty of better games out there.vgmaster883/10
Starts out boring, then gets fun.Wondertomber7/10
A world with endless possiblities..x mAs BabiE10/10
Amazing for being free and java......X MidnightSon X8/10
RuneScape is horrible, but it's free..YuYevon4274/10
Runescape is and forever will be the most horrible MMORPG ever._berserker5/10

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