Have you ever questioned the history books? You are not alone.

We at Abstergo have developed an application that will allow the public to experience historical events from the past. Project Legacy enables our recruits to review genetic memory dumps taken from living subjects, pulled from ancestors in their extensive bloodlines. In effect, recruits will relive the factual, unbiased past. With this data, we will redefine history. Obviously, the more eyes on a memory, the higher the chance of uncovering the hidden truths overlooked by even the greatest historians.

Key features :

- Relive famous events, visit historical places, and meet important figures from the past!
- Join other recruits in your Network to solve history’s greatest mysteries together!
- Build your city, craft elaborate items, gear your armies, bribe your allies, and assassinate your enemies!
- Experience other lives as they encounter love and war, compassion and retribution!
- Level up your skills as you advance through the recruit program!
- Identify and counter dangerous, subversive hackers!

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