Kicked out! is about finally living on your own and throwing great parties for your friends and surprising party crashers like Justin Beaver, Lady Giga or Dustin Jimberlake!

The story goes as follows... your parents kick you out of the house and you find yourself in an empty apartment, waiting to be furnished and filled with party people. You will receive some start-up money and can start turning the apartment into your perfect party place. However, you quickly find out that the world out there is not at all as cozy and easy-to-handle, as you thought. Much to the contrary, the world is in a state of trouble and surviving is tough. You come to learn world revolves around one mysterious resource. Your mission is to equip yourself with that resource and to never run out of it. In order to secure your life and to be a great party host, you have to step out of your room and run errands, complete quests and fight challenges out in this world. And you have to make sure you never loose sight of your savings...

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