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Neopets Help Guide
Help Guide Version 1.0
Site: http://www.neopets.com
Written by: Naviprotocol@hotmail.com

*******************NEOPET HELPFUL HINTS GUIDE**************************

Hey all you neo-holics and neo-newbie's out there. Are you ready for a 
guide that will literally knock you socks off in helpful hints and 
secrets? Good, all that you need to know to get you started and keep 
you going is below. I will let you know that not EVERY secret is in 
here, this guide is just enough to help you get along in Neopets. Also 
this guide will be updated most of the time due to Neopets updating and 
changing things around their site. I will do my very best to be as 
updated as possible and being able to help guide you through this world 
of Neopets.

I have written this many times before and when I first started it, I 
don't remember, so I cannot put the original date of when I started 
this and will leave it as Version 1.0 until something new appears. 
Everything below is what I use to help me get along through Neopets.com
If you find that you have a different strategy the helps or works out 
better for you, that's fine. If you wish to share these strategies, 
that's fine as well. I welcome anyone else's helpful hints and 
strategies to add to the guide. All contact information is posted below 
in the CREDITS part of the guide. Thank you.

**************************TABLE OF CONTENTS***************************


A. Commentary

A. Neomail/neofriends
B. Bank
C. Shop
D. Money Tree
E. Auction
F. Trade
G. Store
H. Stocks

A. The Soup Kitchen
B. Giant Omelet
C. The Snowager
D. Coltzan Shrine
E. Healing Springs

A. The Fruit Machine
B. Potato Counter
C. Extreme Herder
D. Meerca Chase
E. Kacheek Seek
F. Techo Says
G. Kiko Match II
H. Guess the Card
I. Kiss the Mortog
J. Destruct-O-Match
K. Meribal
L. Poogle Solitaire
M. Faerie Crossword Puzzle
N. Cliffhanger
O. Fruit Machine
P. Wheel of Excitement
R. Wheel of Mediocrity
S. Tombola

A. Random Events
B. Petpets
C. Punchbag Bob
D. Faire Quests
E. Progs
F. Calculator


***************************INFORMATION GUIDE***************************

Author/Editor/Compiler: Marie "Sakuya Aki" Christner
Started: 12:30AM September 17, 2002
Ended: 7:30PM September 18, 2002
AIM: Sakuya Aki
Version: 1.0
Website: http://railven.yoll.net
E-mail: naviprotocol@hotmail.com


All information had been collected by studying Neopets.com and had been 
created to help others who are in need of some helpful hints and ideas 
as they go along.  This FAQ is made for those of all ages and are 
welcome to send to others but please note that I ask you to do not 
duplicate this and make it as your own. This document is copy written. 
This help guide had been created for the benefit of helping others and 
not made to give you credit for work you haven't researched. So I ask 
again, please do not duplicate. Thank you.


I wanted to add a little something before you begin to read this little 
helpful guide to getting your way through Neopets.com.  My guide is put 
together in the best and simplest way to read and understand. The 
BASICS section is mainly for beginners or for those who don't know 
about ways of keeping track of money, making some interest and kind of 
guiding you to new and better ways to navigate yourself through 
Neopets.com. The DAILY BASIS portion of this section is places that you 
may find items such as stores or other places around the site. The 
GAMES section is a divided into best ways of making money, some are 
very easy and some can be difficult but all in all, great ways to make 
money. The MISCELLANIOUS OPTIONS of many games around Neopets.com that 
could be played for various amounts of reasons and had no specific 
placements for any of the other sections named above.

I hope that for any who read this NEOPET HELPFUL HINTS GUIDE that it 
proves to be very useful on your journey ahead. All below are things 
that you can do on a day to day basis to help your Neopets become 
stronger, more intelligent, gain food for when they get hungry, 
neopoints and much more. 

Good luck on your journey ahead and thank you for using the NEOPET 
HELPFUL HINTS GUIDE. Let the journey begin and I wish all the best for 


Do you want neofriends? Or friends who want to become a part of neopets 
and wish to become your neofriend? If you need help adding friends so 
you can neomail faster or so you can make friends, send items or get 
items from your neofriends; Go to your neomail box and go to 
neofriends. It will ask at the bottom if you wish to add someone. Type 
in the person's name and it will add someone to your neofriends list. 
But as you'll see it's that the person will not be added unless they 
decide to become your neofriend by accepting your offer. If they accept 
your offer then you can neomail them (especially good if you don't have 
an actual e-mail but only good for neopets) and send items to them as 
well of them sending the same to you.


For any that are interested, if you collect a lot of neopoints or even 
if you don't have much to spare, having a bank account is always good. 
You can start collecting as soon as you join neopets! The start off at 
best is at least 20 neopoints and work your way up. The first bank 
account you should have is a Junior Saver account and then you can earn 
your interest from it every single day. It will be one of the factors 
in how your money accumulates. You don't want to be carrying around 
thousands of Neopoints a time, for various reasons. It can be stolen by 
those mean creatures in random events; you will tend to spend more if 
it's readily available to you rather then gaining its interest and 
keeping it safe within the bank. When you are first starting out, set 
aside a daily limit of how much you will spend. Now make sure your 
profit is always higher then your expenses, even if it's only by a few 


Shop Wizard:
The Shop Wizard will be helpful in aiding you to find anything that you 
need to find at the cheapest prices available at any shop Neopets.com! 
Sometimes it will often be a little screwy and not look up the item 
you're looking for, show a different item than from the one you're 
looking for, or be at too high of a price than you expected and know it 
can be lower. But with a little patience, you'll eventually get what 
you are looking for. The best way to use the Shop Wizard is to go to 
the Search Items bar and select "Identical to my phrase".


Money Tree:
This place is great to find all the items you need from people who 
donate them! It's not going to always be filled with everything you 
want but there are a few times when you could come across a faerie or 
something really rare! But in order to get these items that you want, 
you have to be quick! These items donate fast and go fast. So the money 
tree can be very frustrating if you find that you can never get 
anything from it. All you need is patience.


If you find you have too much in your inventory, stuff you don't want 
(junk) then just auction your items! This is especially good if you 
have rare items since you can sell them for decent prices and earn 
whatever you can from them.


Trade is sort of the same thing as auctioning but you wait for someone 
to offer you a bid on the items or other such that you're offering to 
sell. You may get many bids or you may not get any at all. It's sort of 
a win/lose situation. When you have someone that offers a bid on your 
item(s) choose the bids you want or think is fair in what you're 
looking for. This is a good way to get neopoints, rare items, items, 
food and to get rid of unwanted junk that could be another treasure. 
Just remember to not over-price your items. Under-pricing them is fine 
if you feel the need to but to over-price your items will result in 
probably no one wanting to trade with you.


If you don't feel like trading or auctioning or you've found yourself 
to be in a situation that no one seems to want to buy your items, then 
try opening up a shop! It's not so hard to keep it up and it's another 
great way to earn neopoints! So if you have enough neopoints and items 
to go around, opening a shop isn't such a bad idea.


Here at Neopets.com they also have Neostocks. If you like the stocks 
and want to give it a try, Neopets.com is the perfect place to try it 
out. It's really easy to keep up and you can make neopoints easily 
doing so! Give it a try, it's not so bad!



Here at Neopets, your pets can be trained to be deadly beasts or not 
trained at all and be something else. Many though choose to train their 
neopets and its fun. But this can be costly. Depending on the armor, 
healing items, food and so on, this can really add up. Also, in order 
to train your neopets, it's best to take them to training school. 
Training schools will want you to pay them with Codestones or Dubloons. 
When you go to level up your pets whether it be from: Levels, Strength, 
Defense, or Move (its speed) be careful. You don't want to have one 
level too much higher from the others. It will then cost you more to 
level that pet in that certain area. So try to keep all your levels 

***************************DAILY BASIS*********************************

The Soup Kitchen
Location: Main Page, Red Apple (Feed Pet), The Soup Kitchen
Limit: Infinite

If you're a beginner at Neopets.com, then the soup kitchen will be good 
for you! Also, if you're very low on neopoints (2000 and less) and your 
pet is very hungry or dying, this will benefit you as well. Here you 
can nurse your hungered pet till its fill.


Giant Omelet
Location: Tyrannia, the Plateau, Giant Omelets
Limit: Once per day

At Tyrannia, you can receive a free giant omelet for your Neopet. Just 
head to Tyrannia and click on the sign that says Giant Omelets and it 
will ask if you wish to take a slice. I'm sure you know what to do from 
there. At times you won't get as lucky as others have already taken the 
omelets. No worries, in no time they'll have another one all ready for 
you to take a slice of. Now with this treat, you cannot be greedy and 
are only allowed to one free omelet per day.


The Snowager
Location: Terror Mountains, Ice Caves, the Snowager
Limit: Unsure

The Snowager will offer free items to you only and if only he's 
sleeping. Just click on the sign and hopefully if you're lucky you'll 
find him sleeping. If he's not sleeping then you'll have to leave and 
wait till another day when he's sleeping. He can also wake up if you 
try to take an item as well. If you're lucky enough to snatch an item 
before he wakes up, good for you! Below are the times that the Snowager 
sleeps. Good luck!


Coltzan Shrine
Location: Lost Desert, Coltzan's Shrine
Limit: Once per day

Here located is the sacred Coltzan Shrine. If your neopet steps up to 
the shrine and decides to go further on, it might be granted with a 
gift! It could be anything, it's worth a try but you can only do this 
once per day!

Healing spring
Location: Faerieland, Healing Springs
Limit: Once every hour or two

If you find that your pet is injured in anyway from the Battledome or 
from any other kind of incident, come to the healing springs. The air 
faerie will assist you in healing your neopet back to health. She can 
only help you around every hour or so, so don't keep coming back to her 
for as she helps you once, she needs time to regenerate her magic to 
help you again.


Potato Counter
Location: Meridell, Potato Counter
Limit: Three times per day

Meridell, it's one of the newest places here at Neopets.com. Here there 
is a pretty easy game that you can play for easy Neopoints. Here all 
you have to do is count the potatoes in a certain amount of time! It's 
pretty easy. I really can't remember the times that state how much you 
get in a certain time period. But if you count the potatoes correctly 
and in fast timing, you can get an easy 50 neopoints in now time.


Extreme Herder
Location: Games, Puzzles, Extreme Herder
Limit: Three times per day

This is an extremely good game to play if you're really down on 
neopoints. All you have to do is save the little animals from the dog 
that wishes to eat them and you! If you manage to make it at least to 
the 12th level, you'll have an easy 500 neopoints made. What do you 
think about that?


Meerca Chase	
Location: Games, Puzzles, Meerca Chase
Limit: Three times per day

In this game, the Meerca has to get as many happiness neggs as possible 
without running into the red neggs, into itself or into walls. For each 
level that you progress to, you'll earn more neopoints with each negg 
that you get. This is another good game to rack up the neopoints in. 
There is an easy, medium and hard level and with each one, you'll go up 
5 points in watch you catch during the game. If you wish to try Extreme 
mode, then click on the top right corner and click start. But be 
warned, it's VERY FAST!


Kacheek Seek
Location: Games, Luck/Chance, Kacheek Seek
Limit: Unlimited

This game is really very easy! Basically a game of hide and seek game 
you play with your neopets. It's really fun and as I've mentioned 
before, really easy. There are many different types of places that you 
can choose from and you can play them all and still make neopoints. 
Each phase will earn you a certain amount of neopoints. You can play 
each round as many times as you want or at least until your neopet gets 
angry with you and begs you to play another game. 

Techo Says
Location: Games, Puzzles, Techo Says
Limit: Three times per day

This is another rather easy game if you have a good memory! During this 
game, you'll have to correctly guess the way Techo arranges the order 
of how the neopets pop up from the holes. The higher you go the more 
neopoints you get!


Kiko Match II
Location: Games, Puzzles, Kiko Match II
Limit: Three times per day

Kiko Match II is another guessing game that requires you to find the 
matching cards in the decks lain out for you. At first, it's very 
simple as you're only given four cards. But then as you progress, the 
number of cards increase and the matching becomes more difficult.


Guess the Card
Location: Games Chance, Luck/, Guess the Card
Limit: Unlimited

This game is rather easy but then again it can be a bit frustrating. It 
will cost you 50 neopoints to play. In order to get neopoints for this 
game, your neopet has to guess the card that you picked from the cards 
laid out for you. If it guesses correctly, then you're offered 50 
neopoints! Good luck!


Kiss the Mortog
Location: Games, Luck/Chance, Kiss the Mortog
Limit: Unlimited

This is basically like Guess the Card except you have to choose between 
two frogs on which to kiss. If you kiss the right frog, you will earn 
your neopoints. If you kiss the wrong one, then you lose and will have 
to start all over again. Another bad side effect of this is that it 
will cost you 50neopoints to play.


Location: Games, Puzzles, Destruct-O-Match
Limit: Three times per day

Have you ever played Gem Drop or perhaps how about Tetris? Well it's 
more like Gem Drop and like Tetris but backwards. In this game, you 
have to blow up the blocks that are in rows, try to get as many in a 
row as possible for more points. There are only 4 matches to this game 
but it proves to be a bit difficult to beat all four levels. But either 
way, you shall still get a hefty amount of neopoints just for playing.


Location: Games, Action, Meribal
Limit: Three times per day

Meribal is a fun new game added to Neopets on September 17th, 2002. It's 
a good game to play for neopoints but you have to quick as you go onto 
new levels. 


Poogle Solitaire
Location: Games, Puzzles, Poogle Solitaire
Limit: Once per day

This is a pretty awesome game for winning neopoints but it's not very 
easy to beat. If you can figure out the correct combo to get one Poogle 
remaining in the center you can win up to 750 NP's a day. If you play 
this daily for a week and set aside the points you get into your bank 
account, you will have accumulated 5250 NP in a week. Sometimes you get 
a poogle toy for your pet to play with and in some cases your pet's 
intelligence can increase. Here are the times below.

1 Poogle remaining in Center - 750 neopoints
1 Poogle remaining (not in Center - 500 neopoints
2 Poogles remaining - 400 neopoints
3 Poogles remaining - 300 neopoints
4 Poogles remaining - 200 neopoints
5 Poogles remaining - 100 neopoints
6 Poogles remaining - 50 neopoints


Faerie Crossword Puzzle
Location: Games, Puzzles, Faerie Crossword Puzzle
Limit: Unlimited

This is your basic crossword puzzle with it has a Neopian twist. The 
answers are words and places from Neopia. The payouts vary by what time 
you complete it in. It's not very easy if you don't know Neopia very 
well but if you do, it pays well. You can only play once to get 
rewarded, you can play as many times as you want after that but you 
will not be rewarded for it. Here below is how much you will be 
rewarded within the times that you finish the game.

(Note: Neopoints reward table you can only win neopoints once per day!)
Solve puzzle in less than 5 minutes 600 neopoints 
Solve puzzle in less than 15 minutes 400 neopoints 
Solve puzzle in more than 15 minutes 200 neopoints 
If you were to solve the crossword in 5 minutes or less you get 600 


Located: Games, Puzzles, Cliffhanger
Limit: Keep playing until you win 1500 then play for free

The best game to play to get a pet smarter is cliffhanger. The cost of 
the game is 15 neopoints. The object of the game is basically hangman. 
You have to pick the letters out of the word box and hope that they are 
part of the solution that you have to answer. If you choose a letter 
that is not in one of the words in the puzzle, then you will move one 
step closer to the cliff ahead. Depending on the level you pick, it 
will be harder and harder to answer the solution. If you feel you know 
the answer, then place your answer into answer box but beware if you're 
wrong for you will automatically fall off the cliff and lose.


Fruit Machine
Location: Lost Desert, Fruit Machine
Limit: Once per day

Here you can spin the Fruit Machine wheel and see if you're able to 
receive anything. It's kind of like slots, if you get the right 
combination, you win! If not, you lose. The best part though about this 
one is that it costs nothing! Every day you can get one free spin, if 
the first two fruits match you win a prize. If all three fruits match 
you win a really big prize!


Wheel of Excitement
Location: Faerieland, Wheel of Excitement
Limit: Once every two hours

This is a nifty little game you can play on chance. It will though and 
however cost you 100np to play. I know it's a bit harsh, considering 
your chances aren't always good but if you have money to burn, go for 
it. On the wheel you could win a random amount of items, neopoints, 
food and etc.


Wheel of Mediocrity
Location: Tyrannia, Wheel of Mediocrity
Limit: Unlimited

This is pretty much the same thing as the Wheel of Excitement in 
Faerieland except for one tiny thing, it's cheaper to spin. It will 
only cost you 50 neopoints to spin. So like I said, if you have 
neopoints to burn, go for it! But do be careful, the consequences of 
getting a bad spin will bring nasty results.


Location: Mystery Island, Tombola
Limit: Once per day

Tombola is a net little game that you can play. All you do is place 
your hand into the Tombola thingy and pull out number. Each number will 
offer you certain items, food, neopoints and more!

************************MISCELLANIOUS OPTIONS**************************

Random Events
Can happen at any given time

Random events can happen at any given time. They can do you good and 
sometimes they can do you more harm then good. It all depends. How to 
calculate when you'll get one is nearly impossible. Some thing that you 
could do in helping yourself to getting more random events are having 
items that you don't need and donating them.  Each world has its own 
random events, as to what happens exactly. No one will ever know.



Petpets are pets for your neopets. They are so very easy to take care 
of as well. You don't have to feed them or play games with them to make 
them happy. But there are ways you can level them up and when strong 
enough, they can be of great assistance when they join you in the 


Punchbag Bob Tips
Location: Main Page, Items, Battledome

Punchbag Bob takes forever right? Well if you click on the "Go" button 
and then keep on clicking on it and then his hit points will go down 
really fast!!!!! And then once he's beaten once you get a trophy. Nice 

Faerie Quests
Can happen at any given time

You can find and do faerie quests at different lands or they'll come to 
you by random events. You can choose to do these if you want but it's 
always best to complete them. At times, it can be costly but it can 
also be worth it!



If and only if you're interested, there are proggies out there in 
getting items, neopoints, rare items, items and other such things. 
These are of course illegal at Neopets.com and if you're caught, your 
account can be frozen! But some take the chance and this is just an 


Location: The Lost Desert, Calculator

If you have a hard time keeping count of your neopoints from here and 
there or you just need a spare calculator on hand, go to The Lost 
Desert for a free calculator for anytime use for anything!


Creator:  Marie "Sakuya Aki" Christner
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