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How do chicken coops work?

I was wondering if I need to have the chickens in my coop to get eggs? And if I have 5 Brown chickens, will I find brown eggs more often then if I only had 3 brown chickens? And when I Do find Brown eggs, can I hatch one? if not I think we should be able too. I have 6 White, 12 Brown, 1 Black, and 1 Golden chicken in my chicken coop.

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shadowphoenix73 answered:

Yes, the chicken coops do make them lay eggs (if u put them inside it) and if u have brown chickens and the other ones then they might lay the brown eggs and if u put ur gold one in there then there is a chance that it might lay a golden egg.... if u have more of a colour im pretty sure that it does increase the chances of getting an egg
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