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How do I level fast?

Whats the fastest way to lvl? is there any tricks or sure ways to level?

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eaglesfan269 answered:

If you play normal and don't use software and stuff to get unlimited money( which by the way will get your account banned )then no, there are no cheats. my method is to focus on some of the big ribbons that will get you lots of xp. and coins, such as pack rat(one of the awards). Pack rat is for having decorations. you have to have 250 decorations to get the blue ribbon for it, so i kept on buying hay bales to get it. Some of the other ones like cream of the crop, knock on wood, zoologist, and some others, you just have to wait until finally you get it
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Sebbisismo answered:

This comes from a level 37 farmville worker,

---Don't waste ANY space, no decorations, no houses, squeeze everything you have as small as you can and leave the rest for planting.
---Get lots of money, then buy lots of haybales. They give 5 exp for 100 coins, so 1 exp for every 20 coins you have, gaining you quick levels.
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