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Asked: 4 years ago

Breeding foals?

I want to know how to breed farmville foals and calves?

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to breed foals, you must have a horse stable. Whenever you harvest you horse stable, you have a random chances to get arborists, farmhands, 100 xp or a foal. this way you can produce foals.

for calves you must have a dairy farm with cows and 1 bullin it . if you only have cows in your dairy farm, then there will be no production of calves, so u must have 1 bull. depending which cows u have in the dairy farm will make calves, i.e. if you have pink cows, then you will have a pink calf. of course, you have to harvest your dairy farm.

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Besides what Spooky said, you won't get them, only your freiends get them,. Hahahahahahaha..

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Im pretty sure you dont get to keep the animals once you breed them from the stable or dariy farm, but yourfriends do

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