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Will they stop making wii systems and games? 7
Can I transfer Virtual Console games on an SD card to my Wii U? 1
If you download a retail game in the eShop, will you be able to share this game with multiple users? 3
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Transferring Wii U save data from one user to another? 0
Nintendo Club Sign Up not working? 0
Reumagined Games ever going to exist? Was the rumor debunked? 0
Problems with 3DS/Wii U Nintendo ID, Do i lose my Zelda Wind Waker HD? 0
Do I have to update my wii u in order to play games? 0
Do I need both the wiiu version and 3ds version to get mewtwo at all? 0
For Phillippine WiiU etc owners, is there a way I can link a club nintendo account on my WiiU? 0
Japanese Wii U help? 0
Can you just play games/Wii U with just the gamepad? 4
Can I play Wii games that have online multiplayer on the Wii U? 4

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