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What is the exact definition of Third Party?

I may look stupid, but I'd look even more supid not knowing it. Sooo... What does exactly mean Third Party. And by the way, could Kid Icarus be considered as Third Party? Thanks a lot.

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matthewleonmart answered:

1st party -- Mario -- made by Nintendo, released on a Nintendo console only

2nd party -- Banjo Kazooie -- made by Rare (while they were owned by Nintendo), and characters owned by Rare, but released exclusively for the N64.

3rd party -- Madden NFL -- made by EA Sports, not exclusive to any particular console, unless by the maker's wish (or if a company pays for it to be exclusive).
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redluigi11 answered:

Games not made by the company that made the console,Kid Icarus is first party not third party
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TheSpiderSense5 answered:

MGS and Sonic would be delayed third-party, because they were not made by the actual company.

For example, take SSBB. Almost all the characters are first-party, made by Nintendo, exept for Sonic and Snake.
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WiiU111812 answered:

Any game that is not made by a publisher funded by the console is considered third-party.
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ShonenNinja answered:

A Third-Party company is a video game company that is not owned by a company that makes a game console (Ex: Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft). Therefore, they are free to make games for several different consoles. Notable 3rd party companies are Electronic Arts, Activision, Namco Bandai, and Sega.
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keyblade_lord answered:

First Party means games made by the company who made the console. Eg: Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64 was a First Party Title. ZombiU being made by Ubisoft and not Nintendo, is a third party title. Kid Icarus was made by Nintendo so it is a first party title.
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