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Does the Wii-U run Virtual Console games in HD?

I'm wondering if the Wii U displays Virtual Console games in HD resolutions like 720 or 1080p. I know the Wii displayed them at a higher resolution as opposed to their normal resolutions, so I'm curious whether or not the Wii U does the same with VC NES, SNES, N64 etc. games but with its higher graphical capabilities.

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henzler3 answered:

no, while some has stated you can, Nintendo has offically stated it will not upscale wii and VC games, that the best is 480I

even if your HDtv says 1080p, its actually 480I
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milhouseVH answered:

Though there's a benefit of playing over HDMI as opposed to component cables. Even at 480i, it's a lot crisper on my TV.
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