Question from 55Dkool55

Are there passwords?

Is there a password for each user, so one user doesn't get on some one else's account, and both user are on the same WiiU

lightningbugx asked for clarification:

The question being asked is if the accounts are password protected, not the console, right?

55Dkool55 provided additional details:

That is what i'm asking


Shigeru-Iwata answered:

There are only passwords for your Nintendo Network account, not for users on the console though, unfortunatly.
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lightningbugx answered:

Each user that has a Nintendo Network account has a password. If the account is not linked to a Nintendo Network account, it does not have a password. Users do not require a Nintendo Network account to be made, just to access online stuff.

You can opt on your user to require a password during login or not in the User settings under "Change User-Selection Settings".

If you have Parental Controls active, people need the 4-digit pin to create new users.
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TheSpiderSense5 answered:

Your Nintendo Network account has a password. The legitimate console does not.
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Gravemaker15 answered:

No each user does not have their own password to keep other people from getting onto someone elses account and also the parental controls can't do anything your asking of except set limitations for each user.
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keyblade_lord answered:

Yes. During set-up you can have it so that your user has to have a password input before being able to play as them.
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