Question from Donnie14

Asked: 5 months ago

Why won't Melee work on Wii U Devolution?

I have some Gamecube games like Super Mario Sunshine that works perfectly, but Melee won't work. Every time I boot it up, it stays on a black screen until I turn off the Wii U. It's not scratched up or dirty because it works perfectly on the regular Wii. It also works on the regular Wii without the disc using Devoluition, but not Wii U. Any ideas?

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@mario6464646464 Why would I be joking?

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@TheCarlos1 Did you even read the question?

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Just play it on your Wii, Wii U, i'm pretty sure it's not compatible with gamecube games (Wheter original or Backup Disc or whatever).

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