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Asked: 7 months ago

How do you back up WiiU save data?

Is there a way to back up save data on the WiiU? For example to an external flash drive or HDD?

Accepted Answer

From: Reedeemer 4 months ago

Yep! You can do both of the options you stated in your example.

1. Go to the [System Settings] by clicking on the Wrench icon in your apps.
2. Press Right on the D-Pad twice to select [Data Management], or press on the icon of 3 small blue squares along the bottom row.
3. Go into the Data Management menu and then select [Copy/Move/Delete Data]
4. Select [System Memory] and all the Games and Apps on your console will be displayed.
5. On the upper right corner of the Gamepad you'll see [( x ) Select Items (Copy/Move)]. Press that button!
6. You can now select all the Games that you would like to backup with their save data/files included.
7. Now you choose to which external device you would like to copy the data onto.

==Things to keep in mind==
+You cannot copy save data alone. You must backup the Game, and the save data is included in that copy.
+If using an extHDD that does not have an external power source / wall plug, you need a USB Y cable that takes power from both USB outlets on the WiiU.

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