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Technical Help Answers
Buy Something On Wii's Shop Channel On Wii U? 1
Can a 3DS be used as a general purpose controller for the Wii U? 1
Can you link a NNID on a different Wii U console? 1
Data transfer? 4
How about these wii controller? 3
How do I access the Wii Shop Channel on Wii Mode on the Wii U? 4
How do I set the pro controller to player 2? 1
I want to do the WiiU transfer, but i have a few questions. Can anyone help? 1
Is it possible to download save files from the internet and copy them to the system memory like the Wii? 1
Is there a way to take a screenshot with the game pad? 1
My Gamepad's connection to the Wii U keeps flicking on and off. How can I fix this? 1
Trying to figure out how to connect the Wii U to a Monitor with only VGA.? 1
Why can't I connect to the lobby in Injustice? 1
Why does Injustice load, then freezes on the opening picture? 1
Why does Netflix only work on the gamepad? 1
Why won't Melee work on Wii U Devolution? 1
Wii menu mode purple and green? 4
Will this hard drive work? 1
With Nintendo turning off Wii's online, will this also effect playing it on Wii u? 4
Anyone try DVDs yet? 1
Can I move Wii U SD card data the same way as a 3DS? 1
Can I still download Wiiware on the Wii U? 1
Can I use a wired connection to speed up the start up update ? 2
Can I use my Wii AV cable on the Wii U? 1
Can someone answer my controller questions? 2
Can the Wii U play Wii games using only the Wii U Gamepad?*updated 2013* 1
Can Wii U read SD card or not??? 1
Can you turn off...? Can you use that controller for...? 2
Can you use the pro controller on the wii u menu? 1
Different color in gamepad than tv with wii u? 3
do I need to buy a sd card. or can I borrow 1 from friend for data transfer? 1
How can I reduce the awesomeness of the wii u? 3
How long to demos last? 4
How much space for digital NFS? 1
If I use Wii's AV cables for Wii U, how's the image quality? 1
if you want to transfer your wii's info to the wiiU do you need 2 tvs? 2
Is there a way to switch to a Gamepad-only mode without the TV? 3
Is there an official "name" for playing on the Gamepad and not the TV? 2
Might sound paranoid, but because of the recent reports of government spying, I was wondering? 1
My Wii U randomly shuts off and a red light blinks? 1
My Wii U wont load a Wii game??? 4
Price drop??? 1
Why does my game freeze up when im on miiverse? 1
Why the Gamepad can't connect to the console when turnig on? 1
Why won't the games I bought play? 2
Wii mode? 2
Wii to Wii U Transfer tool questions? 1
Other Help Answers
Does anyone have an unused Hyrule Historia digital download code? 0
Nintendo Club Sign Up not working? 0
Problems with 3DS/Wii U Nintendo ID, Do i lose my Zelda Wind Waker HD? *new* 0
Reumagined Games ever going to exist? Was the rumor debunked? 0
Transferring Wii U save data from one user to another? 0
? On User Menu where Mii is supposed to be 2
Accessing online from china? 1
Adding Specific amounts on eShop? 2
Are there passwords? 5
Can I download Just Dance 2014 content for the Wii version of the game on a Wii U? 1
Can I move Wii save data after Wii U transfer? 2
Can I play Wii games that have online multiplayer on the Wii U? 4
Can I record with Wii component cables? 2
Can I transfer game save data between different user profiles on the same wii u?? 1
Can I use a Wii U Tablet as a stand alone tablet? 2
Can I use my SD Card on the Wii U or does it have its own? 1
Can I use my Wii sensor bar with the Wii U? 1
Can my parents see I watched porn on the Wii U? 1
Can you just play games/Wii U with just the gamepad? 4
Can you register more than one Wii U console on a single Club Nintendo account? 1
Day 1 Update with MK8 Bundle? 1
Does any one know how to fix image ''ghosting''? 1
Gamecube Games ? 2
Has Nintendo purchased domain names for cafe? 1
How can I transfer data from a Wii U back to a Wii? 1
How do I use my computer to access the screen shots I took on My Wii U? 3
How long of a wait if on a waiting list? 3
How to get club nintendo points from already downloaded virtual console games? 2
I don't want to register my Wii u yet. What all can i do without registering it? 1
I have a problem getting downloads? 1
I have no sound when using my Wii U? 1
In wind waker hd what charts do you need in order to get a shard? 1
Is any of the Wii U's Region Locked? 1
Is it ok to use the GamePad charging cradle as a stand? 1
Is it possible to transfer information from two Wiis to one Wii U? 1
Is there a way to play my Wii-U on my computer? 1
Maintenance mode Wii had maybe for wii U or it's Wii Mode? 2
My wiiu wont show up on my tv helpppp!!? 1
Player one Wii Remote? 1
Please help me about the eShop card. Can I use it? 1
Scribblenauts Unlimited or NSMBU? 3
Should I buy a Wii U? 2
Should I turn off my external HDD when the Wii U isn't on? 1
What's the best charger for the Wii Remotes? 1
When i go to the screen when all of the miis are in the room where they group them by games i always see the same ones? 1
Which wii u to get? 3
Why can't I download from the e shop now? 1
Why did the last update delete all of my games and save data? 1
Why does this console have no games? 3
Why won't my Wii U turn on? 2
Wii mode and powering off? 1
Wii u deluxe used 10% promotion? 1
Wii U Freeze Game Help Please? 2
Wii u or ps3? 4
Wii U pro controller with loose back triggers? 1
Wii U wifi strength Vs PS4 one? 1
WiiU gamepad not working properly, what can I do? 1
Will the eshop ever sell gamecube games? 2
Anyone else getting a Error 165-3000 on their gamepad? 2
Are the parental controls across the entire Wii U or just one account? 2
Can custom soundtracks be played with some Wii U games? 1
Can I change my age on Nintendo Network? 1
Can I link a Nintendo Network ID created on a 3DS to a Wii U? 1
Can I transfer Virtual Console games on an SD card to my Wii U? 1
Can I transfer Wii U save data to a different Wii U console? 1
Can I use a telstra USB dongle on a Wii U for internet? 1
Can I use the Wii U Pro Controller to play SSBB on the Wii U? 1
Can the Wii U update in background? 1
Can you trade in a basic for a deluxe? 2
Do virtual console games support pro controller? 2
Do you guys think Nintendo will make a driving simulator like GT5, FM4 NFS:shift? 1
Do you have to pay a monthly subscription or something for the Wii U? 1
Do you need to subscribe to Netflix/Hulu Plus/Amazon? 2
Does save data stay on the Wii after you transfer data to the Wii U? 2
Does the Wii-U run Virtual Console games in HD? 2
Hard drive question? 1
Has anyone hooked up an external HDD yet? 2
Help with Parental Controls? 2
How can you set GamePad as player 1 and Wii U Controller Pro as Player 2 in Wii U VC? 1
How do I sync the Wii Motes from the Wii and the Wii U without the red button? 2
How do you back up WiiU save data? 1
How do you create a poll on gamefaqs? 1
How does the Wii Shop channel on the Wii U work? 1
How long is the HDMI cord that is provided with the Wii U? 4
If a second person is using my Wii U to play and has made an account, can he use that account on his own afterwards? 1
If you download a retail game in the eShop, will you be able to share this game with multiple users? 3
In miiverse - what's the maximum drawing width and height? 1
Is a tv needed during set up? 1
Is the Wii U compatible with Wii and Gamecube games? 1
Is their any confirmed plans to release Gamecube Gamesfor download onto The Wii U? 1
Question about Nintendo Network Purchases? 1
Spilled water on WiiU gamepad, what should I do? HELP 2
What does it mean when the Miiverse icon is emitting that aura? 1
What happens when you make a match in the slot machine game as the eShop loads? 1
What is the exact definition of Third Party? 6
Wii motion plus works with Wii U? 2
Wii points? 1
Wii u deluxe set box size? 3
Wii-U Pro controller and normal WII games? 3
Will a system transfer erase games on Wii U? 1
Will the Wii U still be able to play gamecube games? 1
Will they stop making wii systems and games? 7

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