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Will the Wii U still be able to play gamecube games? 1
How can you set GamePad as player 1 and Wii U Controller Pro as Player 2 in Wii U VC? 1
My Wii U wont load a Wii game??? 4
Can you just play games/Wii U with just the gamepad? 4
Can Wii U read SD card or not??? 1
If you download a retail game in the eShop, will you be able to share this game with multiple users? 3
Can a 3DS be used as a general purpose controller for the Wii U? 2
Wii-U Pro controller and normal WII games? 3
Can I use my Wii AV cable on the Wii U? 1
Can I play Wii games that have online multiplayer on the Wii U? 4
Recent Questions Answers
Why can't I go back to HD on my wii u? 0
Wii U blink and disc drive problem. Is this normal? 0
How much is a refurbish fee when you trade wii u? 0
Gamepad right analog stick button doesn't work(Can't use special weapons in Splatoon). Anyone else have this Problem? 0
My Wii U isn't working on certain games? 0
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Unresolved Questions Answers
How to get club nintendo points from already downloaded virtual console games? 3
Is there a way to play my Wii-U on my computer? 1
How do I access the Wii Shop Channel on Wii Mode on the Wii U? 4
Trying to figure out how to connect the Wii U to a Monitor with only VGA.? 1
Error code 160-4711? 1
What is the situation with WiiU and Headphones/Sets? 1
Why does Netflix only work on the gamepad? 1
Is there a way to take a screenshot with the game pad? 1
Wii U Gamepad not charging? 1
Player one Wii Remote? 1

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