Which world is officially World 3 (or 4)?

  1. So, I know that you can do either Frosted Glacier, Sparkling Waters, or both in between Layer-Cake Desert and Soda Jungle, but which one is actually intended to be World 3? Which is intended to be World 4? The Mario wiki has Sparkling Waters as W3 and Frosted Glacier as W4, the only currently-existing FAQ has them the other way around, and I saw one place that just called them World 3A and 3B. Donkey Kong Country 3 had a similar thing going on, but I thought of Cotton-Top Cove as World 3 because of the order of the bosses in the credits. I would assume whichever one is more difficult is World 4, but, well, I haven't played the game yet.
    imamelia - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Sparkling Waters comes first in the Star Coins list in game, so logically it would be World 3. Other than that though there's no number to go on.
    arc_bliss - 4 years ago 0 0

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