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A few questions about items...?

1) Does Nabbit only ever show up once in each world (so you can never get more than 7 P-Acorns total, including ones you've already used)?
2) Does every enemy you can battle on the world map always give you a Starman upon defeat?
3) Do you have to 100% complete the game to make all mushroom houses infinite or just beat it (or get all the exits or something)?
4) The items on the world they ever respawn, and are they always Acorns?
5) Are the minigames in the mushroom houses different for every house? Different for every world? Random?

imamelia provided additional details:

1) Hm. I haven't seen him show up more than once per world (I just beat Soda Jungle and have 5 P-Acorns), but maybe he will after I go back through the game. Beating the game doesn't prevent him from appearing, I'm assuming?
2) I see. Yeah, five worlds and all Stars so far. It's kind of amazing how easy it is to get Stars in this game. Actually, it's amazing how easy it is to get items in general in this game.
3) I see.
4) Okay.
5) So all item houses, for instance, have the same game? I thought I saw at least 2 different ones, though, one with flying ? blocks and one with baby Yoshis.

Thanks for the answer.

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leanthegreen answered:

1) Nabbit shows up multiple times.
2) I think they do, not completely sure on this one.
3) You have to get all 5 stars on your save file to make the houses infinite.
4) Items do respawn, and most if not all of them are acorns.
5) Each variation of house has its own game, one for 1-Ups and one for power-ups.
Hope I've helped!
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ofakar answered:

1) He shows up once in each world, with a total of seven. If you can't catch him on third try, you have to do 3 more levels before he reappers (on the same specific level on each world.
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MrX8991 answered:

To clarify number 5, Green houses have the same minigame each time. Red houses have 2 different kinds of games: one in which you hit flying ? boxes and avoid hitting the one with Bowser, and one in which you gather one of each kind of Baby Yoshi to get between 0 and 2 (or was it 3?) copies of the same item.
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CoolKoopa15 answered:

1. Nabbit shows up in a few different levels in a world.
2. I'm pretty sure you don't always get a starman. I think I can rememember a time I got a super mushroom from one.
3. Yes.
4. In Merriange Clouds you can get fire flowers or ice flowers I think and they respawn.
5. If you go into a red house you will get a certain game witch is also the same game in any other red house. Green house games will be the same as all of the other green house games. Extra...
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