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Why do i always get sent back to the main menu on harley quinns revenge?

everytime i play harley quinns revenge, right after robin talks to oracle about harley having a "plan" for the GCPD officers, i try and go in the next door (the one with the joker painted wonder city robot next to it) the game stops and it sends me back to the main menu? i have already beaten harley quinns revenge once without any problem

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Xenorider answered:

It is a game breaking glitch. I think that there is nothing you can do. It seems that if you start Harley Quinns Revenge a second time, the game just crashes after any auto save. Maybe a patch can fix this but who knows if we will get one.

The only way to beat it on 100% would be to clear Harley Quinns Revenge on 100% on your first playthrough. But for you it is too late now. Sorry
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Xenorider answered:

Maybe if everyone reports this issue to they will see that a patch is needed
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

This seems like glitch, I would install and then reinstall
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