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How do I activate the skins in the game?

On the package, it says that all previously released DLC, including the Arkham City Skins Pack, is included in the game. However, I found no option to activate the skins for use, only to view them as trophies/statues. I'm certain that the other versions of this game let you use the skins in-game, so how do I activate them here?

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Jalaguy answered:

You can use them in Challenge Mode right off the bat, and once you complete the main plot of Story Mode on Normal or Hard difficulty, you'll be able to choose a skin when going back to finish side missions/collectibles/etc. and when playing New Game Plus.

However, you *can* select different skins in Story Mode ahead of beating the game (or if you beat it on Easy) by inputting this code on the main menu (after selecting save file):

Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down

There should be a little sound if you inputted it correctly, and you'll then be able to choose a skin when you resume Story Mode.
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batman12 answered:

Thank u jalaguy
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