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Asked: 1 year ago

Is this Wii U Version better OR Worse than the X360 and PS3?

Or perfectly the same?


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From: Jalaguy 1 year ago

It's mostly identical to the PS3/360 Game of the Year Edition (ie. it includes all of the DLC content), with the addition of new "armoured" default outfits for Batman and Catwoman, the use of the touchpad for some gadgets/minigames and "BAT mode" for combat, which is basically a damage boost you can activate once a meter fills. (There's also gyro control for some stuff, but PS3 also has that.)
There's nothing worth paying significantly more for on Wii U, but if it's no more expensive then maybe look into it.

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Personally, I would say it's better. Activating the "BAT Mode" during a fight can truly change the tide of a huge brawl, the touchpad works very well and being able to play on just the controller all make for a better experience than what you find on the 360/PS3.

That's not to say the older versions are bad in any way, it's just the Wii U version took something amazing & made it slightly better.

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IMHO, it depends on the size of your TV. The game runs on 1080p compared to 720p on the other platform. If your TV is bigger than 32", the higher resolution alone making it worth while getting it on Wii U.

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To me, the biggest PLUS is the gamepad- only mode, where no TV is needed. I finished the game exclusively on it (have no HD TV).

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