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Skills and items unlockables?

It's been said that, karma points can unlock certain skills, weapons, and etc. Is it possible to unlock all of the them?

Accepted Answer

JTurbo answered:

Yes, you can unlock everything, but it requires more than karma. All weapons and ninpo unlock with Karma (and story advancement). Most moves require only karma, but health increaswa requires collecting scarabs throughout the levels and then karma to buy them. Costume 2 unlocks with story and you purchase with karma. Costume 3 unlocks and requires no karma after you collect all 50 scarabs. Supposedly, costume 4 unlocks when you attempt (but don't have to beat) 10 challenges. I've attempted 6 so far. Also, multiple story play through are required to collect enough karma to buy everything, or farming of chapter challenge mode after you beat the game once.
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