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Nintendo's latest Wii U exclusive is the highly anticipated Pikmin 3. At once 
in development for the Wii, Pikmin 3 has sense jumped ship to Wii U. This brand
new Pikmin adventure is full of wonder and secrets. Discover it all with this 

Pikmin 3 Guide
Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2013

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                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

01. Introduction and Controls
02. Exploration
Distant Tundra
Tropical Wilds
Garden of Hope
Distant Tundra 2
Tropical Wilds 2
Twilight River
Garden of Hope 2
Formidable Oak
03. Conclusion

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01. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The planet of Koppai has a crisis. Its people are starving to death, and their 
planet is out of resources. In a last ditch effort for survival, it has sent a 
team of explorers to distant planets in an effort to find a planet with enough 
food to feed its people. It just so happens that they land on the planet of...
the Pikmin.

ZL - Look
ZR - Whistle
L - Switch
R - Aim
X - Throw
Y - Switch Character
A - Throw
B - Disperse
D-pad (left) - Dodge
D-pad (right) - Dodge
D-pad (up) - Juice
Left Stick - Move/Cursor
Right Stick - Camera

Pikmin 3 allows for numerous control options. However, since the primary input 
for Wii U is indeed the GamePad controller, this guide was written with the 
GamePad controller in mind. So throughout the next there will be references to 
the controls, and they will always be the controls as mapped to the GamePad 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
02. Exploration
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
In this guide, the "Days" are included mainly for reference so you know where I
was at while doing the described actions. It is very possible that you will 
either be moving through the game at a faster pace than me (remember, I had to 
figure all this out as I went along!) or even a slower pace if you are more 
conservative of a player or take more time to collect all the fruit in every 
single level of the game.

Worry more about the content of each level as opposed to what day it is. In 
some cases, you can even complete the objectives out of order, so the way I 
recommend using this guide is to read ahead a bit (unless you're spooked of 
spoilers of course!) and then plan your days accordingly. If you want to try to
challenge yourself to complete each level within a day, I think for most 
levels, if not all of them, that is entirely possible!

But most of all, HAVE FUN!

---> DAY 1 <---
- - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - -
Captain Charlie lands in some snow. Poor guy. Start exploring the area and 
Charlie will notice a bunch of Pikmin just sort of chilling out. Walk by the 
mushrooms and he will remark how large the mushrooms are on this strange 
planet. Keep going until Charlie comes across a bunch of yellow Pikmin.

The yellow Pikmin begin to surround Charlie. He gets the bright idea of using 
his whistle to scare them away. Use the left analog stick and hover the cursor 
over the Pikmin and then pull ZR to blow the whistle. Of course, if you are 
familiar with the series and Captain Olimar's adventures (don't forget Louie, 
too!), the whistling just attracts the Pikmin and they surround Charlie.

Charlie is creeped out by the Pikmin and so then decides to throw them. To 
throw Pikmin, rapidly press the A button. You can aim where you throw the 
Pikmin with the left analog stick, but for now, the game will automatically 
aim the cursor at the big mushrooms.

So, chuck the Pikmin at the mushrooms. Then press B to disperse the Pikmin when
Charlie wants to do that as well. Gather them back up using the whistle and 
then start moving forward. Have them destroy the mushrooms blocking the path 
and go through the cave.

The camera switches to a side-scrolling angle. Just keep walking forward and 
the small army of yellow Pikmin will folow Captain Charlie through into a dark 
cave. Throw the yellow Pikmin on the black creatures in here and they will kill
them, their health measured by the circular meter that appears above their 

Once their health is depleted, they will all die and turn into bright blue 
plants that illuminate the cave...and also give Charlie a reason to be 

---> DAY 1 <---
- - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - -
Perspective then shifts to Alph, the ship's engineer. Move him out of the water
to meet the red Pikmin. They are busy getting their Onion out of some foilage. 
Use your whistle to call them away from the Onion, and then throw them directly
on it so they can yank the Onion down.

Your new goal will be to collect a bunch of Pikmin, over 20, in order to push 
the cardboard box out of the way that's just across the broken bridge. Of 
course, first you'll want to fix the broken bridge. Right now there are only 
three Pikmin in your arsenal, and about 16 bridge pieces to repair.

This can be done in four trips by your Pikmin after you get a fourth. See where
the pieces are on the ground? Look down the busted flower pot where the pieces 
came from and then press ZL. This will cause the view to change so we can see 
right in front of Alph. There is a fourth Pikmin just chilling out in a hole at
the back of the pot. Use the whistle to recruit him and then throw him at the 
pieces so the bridge building process goes a bit faster.

The KopPad is the first thing Alph will pick up after the bridge is built, and 
you have to mess around with that for a second. Of course, the KopPad 
translates to the real life GamePad that you are holding in your hand, so isn't
that handy! Use the stylus to explore the map on the touchscreen. Follow the 
blue arrow signals to find the location of the S.S. Drake on the map.

With the bridge built, walk across it with your Pikmin buddies. Use them to 
destroy the plants with what appears to be red bottle caps in their centers. 
They will then pick up these objects, take them back to the Onion, and then 
spawn the amount of Pikmin that is declared by the white number on the objects.

Return to the Onion and mash the A button to rapidly pull the Pikmin from the 
ground. Go back across the bridge to find enemy bugs. Have the Pikmin fight the
bugs simply by throwing them, and then they will carry the bug bodies back to 
the Onion to spawn even more Pikmin. Go up the hill here to find a massive five
Pikmin spawn bulb, and have the Pikmin carry that giant thing back to the Onion
as well.

As long as no Pikmin died fighting the bugs, you should have 21 Pikmin in your 
roster now. Use them to push the large cardboard box out of the way. When they 
do so, a file will be revealed. Alph will automatically recover the file, and 
you can read it if you wish. It explains some basic information about the 
Pikmin creatures, and lets Alph know their name. Which is Pikmin. Yeah.

There will be more Pikmin to spawn, but otherwise just move through the cave. A
stone barricade will block your progress, so smash it by throwing Pikmin at it.
When it is destroyed, you are free to exit the cave and then hop aboard the 
S.S. Drake. Brittany will have to wait for tomorrow.

---> DAY 2 <---
There's a lot you can get done in Day 2 if you are resourceful enough. The 
first thing you'll want to do is increase your number of Pikmin. You can do 
this by collecting the bulbs off the flowers and defeating the small Bulborb 
enemy that is nearby.

Throw your leftover Pikmin at the nearby barricade. Then pluck the new ones, 
gather your army, and use them all to tear down the barricade. Your new goal is
to collect all the pieces to the nearby bridge. Once the bridge is complete, 
you can cross the body of water to fight with the Giant Bulborb.

The Giant Bulborb is asleep right now, so you have the advantage. Just toss a 
bunch of Pikmin on his back, and then when he wakes up, throw the rest at his 
eyeballs. The Bulborb will be defeated very easily, and then you can use its 
body to gain a ton more Pikmin.

There's nowhere else to go here now except for a cave as there is glass and 
electrical barriers blocking the other paths. Alph will point out a strawberry 
that is lying around, so throw at least three Pikmin at it so they can carry it
to the S.S. Drake to be analyzed. Take everyone else inside the cave.

An enemy will have a few Rock Pikmin inside of it. This flying jelly monster is
not much of a threat, however. Throw all your red Pikmin at it, and it will die
fairly quickly, dropping the Rock Pikmin in the process. Alph will observe the 
Rock Pikmin for a moment, but then he realizes that throwing the Rock Pikmin at
the crystals will break the crystals faster.

Use the Rock Pikmin to free their Onion. Smash the other crystals in the cave 
for a file and other goodies. Then head back outside. Regain your army of red 
Pikmin or just leave them at the S.S. Drake for now and then start smashing 
the glass barricades with the Rock Pikmin.

Brittany will be in sight, so head to her now. Use the Rock Pikmin to smash 
the barricade blocking the path to her. Upon rescuing Brittany, she will point 
out a rather large lemon that is in reach. Throw her on the red platform as 
instructed and then throw some Pikmin by her as well.

Take control of Brittany by pressing Y. When you have control of her, throw 
the Pikmin near her to the lemon. To take control of the Pikmin as Brittany, 
just blow your whistle at them. When enough Pikmin have been thrown to the 
lemon, they will begin hauling it to the S.S. Drake for analysis.

Down the next path is a bunch of crystalized enemies. Defeat them with some 
Rock Pikmin and then have the Pikmin start collecting the building materials 
for the next bridge. This bridge will actually bring you back to the beginning 
of the level, and since the sun is starting to set, that's a good thing.

While Alph is doing that, have Brittany use some Pikmin to collect the 
strawberry located between the new bridge and the S.S. Drake. As the sun starts
to set, make sure you have all of your Pikmin rounded up in the designated 
area on the map. You can find lost Pikmin using your map as well. Try to get as
many back to the S.S. Drake as possible before the time runs out and the sun 
goes down.

---> DAY 3 <---
From this point forward, the "days" are sort of arbitrary. It depends on how 
much exploration you do and extra content as to how long you will have in each 
day of the game, but I will keep marking them just so you know where I was at 
during the same part of the game so that you can kind of get a feel of where 
YOU should be at, if you catch my drift.

Anyway, the main goal of this day will be to build the blue bridge so that both
Brittany and Alph can cross the water again. At the start, collect any fruit 
that you can see on your map and then destroy the crystal glass barricade 
nearest to the S.S. Drake using the Rock Pikmin.

Once this smashes, you are free to continue to the next area. Disperse the 
Pikmin so that you can go into the water and collect the two files hidden 
underwater here, but watch out for the underwater enemies. There are also new 
above-ground enemies to face here as well.

They come in the form of these annoying jumping frogs called Wollywogs as well 
as pale-skinned ant-eater looking dudes that breathe fire. Use the red Pikmin 
on the fire-breathing enemies because red Pikmin are immune to fire. The Rock 
Pikmin can't be hurt by the ground pounding of the Wollywogs, so use them on 
those, though if you cover them with enough red Pikmin, they won't be able to 
jump anyway.

By the time you're done fighting these enemies and collecting the spawn points 
off the flowers, you should have the maximum amount of Pikmin on the field, 
which is 100. Upon obtaining 100 Pikmin, it's time to cross river. But you're 
not going to grandmother's house, unfortunately.

Find the arrow etched on the ground on the east end of the water. Throw 
Brittany across the water onto the "X" that is just across. Then throw her all 
the Pikmin. Have her send all the red Pikmin possible to pick up the blue 
pieces that are close, and then have her use the Rock Pikmin to smash the 
stone barricade and then smash the crystal that is covering up the rest of the 
necessary bridge pieces.

With the bridge complete, reunite the two explorers. Then start making your 
way up the hill to the spooky cave where the signal is coming from. At this 
point, if the day is over halfway done, then you'll probably want to return to 
the S.S. Drake and call it a day because there is a boss fight right inside 
the cave. At any rate, be sure to grab the Captain Olimar file that is on the 
ground before continuing.

---> DAY 4 <---
Gather up your Pikmin. Be sure to bring plenty of rock Pikmin, but have the 
majority be red Pikmin. Then return to that spooky cave from before so that 
you can fight the first boss of the game!

Armored Mawdad
The first boss fight is actually pretty easy. The files in the cave give you 
some pretty helpful hints when it comes to fighting the boss, though it should 
be really obvious based on what you've done so far in the game...

Nevertheless, the Armored Mawdad is the strongest enemy that you've encountered
so far. It has an armored exoskeleton made entirely out of crystal, and it is 
quite sizable compared to the other creatures of this planet. It doesn't have 
many attacks, however.

The Mawdad will climb up and down the walls and charge you. Whenever he is 
about to charge, Alph will say, "Here he comes!" or something to that effect, 
so you know when to move out of the way. It will sometimes stop moving to munch
on any Pikmin that are unfortunate enough to be standing in its path, so try to
keep the Pikmin by you whenever running from the Mawdad.

Use the rock Pikmin to smash its crystal armor. Its weakest point is its head, 
but it takes a lot of rock Pikmin to smash the crystal covering its head. The 
fastest way to defeat it, assuming you have a lot of Pikmin, is to smash the 
crystal covering its body, and then when its blue flesh is exposed, just chuck 
a bunch of red Pikmin at it like no tomorrow.

The red Pikmin will cover its body and start attacking it even when it is 
moving around. You can keep using the rock Pikmin in the meantime to smash more
parts of its crystal skeleton, which will leave more room for attack and allow 
you to kill it faster.
Armored Mawdad

When the Mawdad dies, it spits out a strange fruit and what appears to be a 
wireless home telephone. Talk about ancient devices. Instruct the Pikmin to 
carry the fruit, the telephone, and the body of the Mawdad all back to the 
S.S. Drake and the Onion.

When they're done doing that, you'll have plenty of reserve Pikmin, a brand new
fruit, and Alph will be able to convert the signal coming from the telephone to
strengthen the signal of the S.S. Drake after the day is up. However, there is 
one more fruit to collect, and it is a lime. If you got the time (which you 
should, assuming you're following this guide exactly), then it's time to go 
get it!

Remember the glass barricade you smashed on the way to build the blue bridge? 
Walk through there again, except this time head west. There is a stone 
barricade here to smash, so smash it. Then continue on through until you enter 
the next area, where you will find a makeshift balancing system of sorts made 
out of tin cans.

Weigh down one of the lifts with some Pikmin. Then throw Brittany (or Alph, 
depending on who you choose to play as) on that lift as well. With the 
remaining Pikmin, weigh down the opposite lift so the one with Brittany on it 
rises back up to be level with the red block in the center.

Switch control over to Brittany. With the Pikmin she has on the lift with her, 
get the lime that is just out of reach. Then summon up all the Pikmin and drop 
down to rejoin Alph. Follow the Pikmin back to the S.S. Drake with the lime and
you should be good to go for this day. It will be quite the juice bounty, so 
be proud of yourself!

---> DAY 5 <---
Brittany and Alph will be separated from each other again due to Alph's poor 
control of the ship in the blizzard-like conditions here. At the start, you 
will be in control of Brittany, who has landed inside of a cave, whereas Alph 
managed to stay with the S.S. Drake.

The overall goal of the Distant Tundra is to find the Captain. If you remember 
from the first level, he is indeed stranded in this snow-covered environment. 
That being said, this first day is going to be spent getting used to the new 
yellow Pikmin and constructing most of the two bridges that will connect Alph 
and Brittany's sides of the river.

Initially, inside the cave, you will find some yellow Pikmin. A couple of them 
are allowing the electricity from the severed cord to flow through them, but 
five total are needed to complete the cnonection. There are a few yellow Pikmin
sprouts ripe for picking in the near vicinity, so get those and then complete 
the connection.

Completing the electricity connection will in turn power the bulb. The light 
from the bulb will cause the yellow Onion to rise out of the ground. Now you 
can spawn more yellow Pikmin! Explore the cave a bit to find plenty of means of
doing this. There are enemies down the slope, so defeat them when you have a 
sufficient amount of Pikmin, carry their bodies away, and then you can ride the
hot spring geyser back up to where the Onion is.

Keep building up your army of yellow Pikmin until you've successfully allocated
20 or more of them. I had 21 on me by the time I was done harvesting from this 
small cave. Use the yellow Pikmin to push what appears to be a bowling ball of 
sorts down the ice slope, which will cause it to smash into the cave wall, 
creating an opening for which Brittany to escape.

Out of the cave, you can go speak with Alph by standing at the top of the brown
broken bridge on Brittany's side. On Alph's side, the broken bridge is blue. 
Alph requests some yellow Pikmin, but there's no point in giving them to him 
right now. Instead, I recommend hanging onto them, clearing the areas around 
Brittany of enemies, and then locating the large flower pot with the pieces to 
Brittany's bridge.

Have the yellow Pikmin carry these pieces back to the bridge. Be wary of the 
armored enemies around here. They are invulnerable from the front, but throw 
Pikmin at their back and they will take more damage. If you don't feel 
comfortable using the less combat-focused yellow Pikmin against these guys, 
there is a spot where Brittany and Alph can trade Pikmin so you can get some 
red and rock Pikmin as well. A new bee-like enemy is also around here, but the 
yellow Pikmin, which can be thrown higher than the other Pikmin types, are 
perfect for dealing with these flying type enemies.

As Brittany's Pikmin carry away the pieces, find the electric barrier and have 
the leftover yellow Pikmin pound on that. Switch to Alph and pull out as many 
Pikmin as possible from the red/rock Onion, and try to have a nice blend of the
red and rock ones as there are plenty of enemies around here and plenty of 
crystals to smash as well.

With Alph, you'll find a red trampoline. This was also near the flower pot on 
Brittany's side, but the one on Brittany's side is useless for now. Either 
bounce on it with Alph and have Pikmin follow you, or simply throw the Pikmin 
on it to launch them over to the other side and collect the blue pieces of 
bridge from the pile.

Do a bit more exploring. Collect the files. If you have the time, seek out some
of the fruit on the map. Don't go out of your way to get the fruit. If you are 
going to run the risk of losing a bunch of Pikmin to the dangers of nightfall, 
then I recommend skipping the fruit collecting for now since you should have a 
hefty supply of it on the ship already, at least five days worth if you've 
been following this guide.

---> DAY 6 <---
Now it's time to really finish the bridge. Upon returning to the surface, 
Brittany will stress that she is starving. I guess she couldn't find anything 
to eat overnight. Bummer! Head to the arrows on the ground where Alph and 
Brittany can exchange Pikmin. Switch to Brittany, and then have her exit the 
cave after retrieving some yellow Pikmin from the Onion, of course.

Have Brittany give Alph some yellow Pikmin and have Alph give Brittany some 
rock Pikmin. I'll talk about completing Alph's bridge first because we're also 
going to be doing some fruit collecting before handing things over to Brittany.
Go to the electric barricade near the S.S. Drake landing site and have Alph's 
yellow Pikmin smash through the electric barricade there.

When this is done, you can find some enemies to fight on the other side. Defeat
them and then gather up all the pieces of the bridge that is over here. They 
will finish building the bridge. Return to the S.S. Drake and start goign down 
the slope. Notice the area in the wall with the little mounds of dirt blocking 
the way? Have the yellow Pikmin dig through there, as they also happen to be 
expert diggers.

Go through the hole on the other side to find a crystal barricade. Smash 
through it with rock Pikmin and then use the red Pikmin to defeat the fire 
slugs on the other side. You can throw Pikmin in the bulbs here to spawn even 
more Pikmin instantly, but what you really want to do is use the trampolines at
the rear to have the Pikmin collect the grapes to the left and the large orange
fruit to the right.

Change control back to Brittany. The electric barricade on her side should've 
already been destroyed in the previous day, but if it's not, smash it on this 
one. Use the rock Pikmin to break the crystal blocking the water from the hot 
spring geysers, then use them to get up to the next area. Defeat the enemy 
that spits the snowballs, but be sure to get your Pikmin out of the way before 
he starts spitting more out so you can avoid losing some of your army.

Free the next geyser. Ignore the second enemy that is spitting snowballs and 
otherwise just ignore all the other enemies for now. Don't bother carrying 
their bodies or anything as you should have a surplus of Pikmin as it is, 
unless you accidentally led some through water or something.

By the way, that reminds me. I'm not sure I have mentioned this yet at this 
point in the guide, but better late than never, eh? If Pikmin are distressed in
some way, like if they are on fire or if they are in water, you have to calm 
them down by pointing the cursor at them and blowing the whistle. Failure to 
do this fast enough will result in the Pikmin dying.

Anyway, at the top of this little snow mountain you'll find a large Bulborb-
like enemy with an ant-eater tongue that is very dangerous. This thing gulps up
Pikmin of all types like it's nothing, so try to keep the Pikmin away from its 
front. Its weak points is its eyes, but even though it takes longer, you should
focus your assault on its back. Lugging rock Pikmin on top of it with powerful 
throws is especially effective.

With this enemy out of the way, you'll probably notice it was guarding (though 
perhaps not purposely) the final pieces to the brown bridge! Have your Pikmin 
gather them up. They should bypass the snowball-spitting monster by going down 
the slide instead of walking down the path. Use any leftover yellow Pikmin to 
knock down the orange that is hanging off the branch, then go down the slide.

The bridges are complete, but your work is not yet done. Collect any remaining 
fruit in the area, such as the orange that just dropped. If you are feeling 
especially ambitious, you can send some Pikmin to collect the corpses of 
enemies defeated on this day to bolster your ranks. However, only do this for 
red and rock Pikmin at this point because the yellow Pikmin are going to have a
hell of a time lugging the bodies back into that cave. Don't worry though, 
after this, the yellow Onion will combine with the red/rock Onion so that you 
can now spawn a multitude of all three of the different Pikmin types!

---> DAY 7 <---
Used this day to collect the fruit. If you are wanting to skip ahead to what 
you need to do next in the story, just scroll down to the next day. Otherwise, 
do what I did and go to the different fruit on the map and collect them all, or
at least the ones that you haven't gotten yet.

Amongst the new fruit this level offers is a cherry that is stuck on top of a 
snowman on a branch near the S.S. Drake. Throw rock Pikmin at it to get it. 
Another new fruit is a plumb that is over where the first pieces of the brown 
bridge were located.

You just need three Pikmin to carry the plumb, but it's tricky to get them to 
actually pick the thing up. You need to throw the Pikmin at the branch that is 
leaning against the tree stump where the plumb sits. They will climb up the 
small branch (or a twig, I guess would be a better term relative to "our" 
size), and then you just gotta hope at least three pick the thing up. For a 
better view of the action, slide the map around with the touchscreen.

When you slide the map around on the touchscreen, the view changes on the 
actual television screen. This gives you a bird's eye view of what to expect 
and can give you a better idea of how to gather fruit and complete certain 
challenges in the game.

---> DAY 8 <---
It's starting around this point in the game that you are probably going to be 
moving at a way faster pace than I am when it comes to each day. The reason for
that is I am telling you everything to do, and I had to figure it out on my 
own. V_V Where's the guide for the guide writer, eh?!

Anyway, you're almost reunited with Captain Charlie now. First thing's first, 
though, you're going to want to make sure you have a pretty balanced amount of 
Pikmin in your little army. Let them take some bodies back and gather some more
fruit as well.

Check out your map. You'll notice that there is a darkened area to the east. I 
recommend going there now. You'll need to go through the brokene electrical 
barrier that was by the S.S. Drake to get there. Once there, you'll notice a 
trampoline (for lack of better term) and a strange device across the way. Send 
10 Pikmin over there to get the device and then wait for them to return it to 
the S.S. Drake.

This is a special whistle designed to allow you to control the Pikmin even 
better. What this will do is allow you to order the Pikmin to dodge by rolling 
to the left or right. Alph and Brittany, assuming she is also in your party at 
the time, will follow suit. This is accomplished by pushing left or right on 
the d-pad.

When you're ready, return to the area where Brittany had to ride up the geysers
in order to gather her last bridge pieces. There is a path here that is blocked
by some stone, and the first time you walk by it, the characters will remark 
about how there is a "breeze" coming from inside.

Directly opposite of this entrance is a point of interest. You'll notice that 
the ground rises a bit, meaning you can't walk directly over there, but you 
can throw Brittany. Toss her up there and throw her Pikmin as well. Throw 
some yellow ones up there to retrieve the fruit that is half-buried in the 
snow, and then throw her 20 more on top of that.

Take control of Brittany and her fresh army of 20 Pikmin. Go around the bend to
find another bowling ball-like object lodged here. Send the 20 Pikmin at the 
object. They will push it out of place and it will roll forward into the stones
blocking the entrance to the cave.

Gather up all your Pikmin and head inside. The day was almost up for me at 
this point, and even if it is for you as well, be sure to finish up the next 
cave at least so the next day is a straight shot toward where Captain Charlie 
landed at the very beginning of the game.

Inside the cave, you'll find "Candypop" bulbs. They are bulbs that have been 
encountered earlier. What they do is change whatever Pikmin thrown into it into
the color represented by the bulb's petals. If you have over 10 yellow Pikmin 
on you right now, then don't worry about it. Otherwise, toss some red Pikmin 
in there to convert them to yellow ones.

As you have probably noticed, this cave is dark. Not Mt. Moon dark, but dark 
nonetheless. There is some electrical equipment close by, but the connection is
severed. Throw 10 yellow Pikmin in the area where the connection is severed so 
that they can re-establish this connection and get the power going again.

The light from the bulb will make nearby plants blossom, creating new platforms
for you to move across. Move across the platforms and you'll see fruit. Toss 
a bunch of yellow Pikmin at it to collect it, and then I recommend taking note 
of the cave's exit before turning in for the day.

---> DAY 9 <---
The walk from the S.S. Drake to all of the stuff is kind of long, so while I 
was able to start the boss fight during this level, I didn't quite get through 
it, so if you're looking for a strategy to deal with the boss of this level, 
just scroll down a bit to the next day to get the skinny on all of that 

In the meantime, there is still some stuff to do before tackling the boss and 
rescuing Captain Charlie from "inside" the beast. Icky. Of course, go back to 
the cave that you just solved the puzzle on. Make sure you have a healthy 
amount of yellow Pikmin with you...I would take at least 30. Then only about 
five or maybe 10 rock Pikmin and fill the rest of your army out with red 

Anyway, be sure to avoid the fire geysers in that cave. I know I didn't mention
that before, but it should be a no-brainer. Exit that cave through the way you 
didn't enter, and then use the rock Pikmin to smash the crystal. You are now 
where Captain Charlie crash-landed from earlier. To your left is the path to 
the cave where he is ambushed, and to your right is to where he actually 
landed. Go to the right.

If you pick up the files on the ground, you will discover that Captain Olimar, 
the protagonist of the other two Pikmin games, was not only here, but he buried
some supplies in the snow. There are leaf-bug enemies that eat Pikmin very 
fast, so kill them first. Then maybe have a couple of Pikmin take their leaves 
back to the Onion to replace any Pikmin that may have been killed during the 
whole ordeal.

Now go to Charlie's crash site proper, where his body has left a serious 
indention in the snow. There are big mounds of snow here, as well as one of 
those bugs from earlier that like to spit large snowballs. Kill the bug and 
then have yellow Pikmin dig up the mounds of snow. In one of them you will 
find a special suit that makes you impervious to electrical damage.

With the suit, start making your way to the cave. You'll walk by a tin can in 
the snow with a few eggs sitting on top of it. Smash the eggs and nectar will 
come out. Have some Pikmin drink the nectar. This will cause the petals on 
their heads to blossom, indicating that they've reached the next level of their
evolution and are now more powerful as a result.

I'm still not going to get into the meat and potatoes of the next boss fight, 
but I will direct you there so that the next day you can head straight for the 
fight. Go into the cave and defeat the little monsters that Charlie encountered
from before to light up the cave a bit.

The boss is flapping around above your head, but there's nothing you can do 
about that now. Purple grapes can be located if you have some Pikmin dig up the
nearby "climbing stick" that is jutting out of the ground. Try not to send 
your yellow Pikmin for that job because you need them to fully illuminate this 
part of the cave and continue.

There is a small ditch of sorts with a broken electrical line. 10 yellow Pikmin
are needed to re-estabilsh this connection. Once it is, the bulb will light up,
the plants will blossom, and a bridge made out of the top of plants will form, 
allowing you to cross the "ditch".

The next stages are all a part of the boss fight! So, if you're ready to fight 
the boss and have plenty of time to get it done, then just scroll down to my 
next day, Day 10, for the boss strategy. Otherwise, round up your Pikmin and 
at least make sure they are all in your group before the sun goes down so you 
can save them from being gobbled up.

---> DAY 10 <---
When you're ready, return to the location of the boss. I recommend the same 
amount of Pikmin as before. This fight honestly is not very hard after you get 
the cave lit up, but just bring as many as you possibly can just in case you 
need the extra.

Vehemoth Phosbat
The Vehemoth Phosbat will fly around and stalk you a bit. It is invisible 
unless illuminated. There are two disconnected electrical lines that are 
accessible right off the bat, so fill those up with yellow Pikmin to get the 
bulbs on. The bulbs will blind the Phosbat and make it solid so that you can 
attack it if you wish, but for now just ignore it.

The Phosbat will create pods that shoot out its younglings, those little black 
creatures that turn into lights when attacked. Weird that the Vehemoth gives 
birth to those, but whatever. You can destroy these pods if you wish, but I 
wouldn't bother, just focus on fixing those electrical lines.

The Vehemoth has powerful attacks, so it's good to keep away from it. As long 
as you keep moving, it won't be able to attack, but it is prudent to discuss 
its attack patterns. It will try to suck up your Pikmin, which it can do in 
very large numbers and consume them, which can screw you at this juncture. At 
least there are the yellow Candypop bulbs so you can convert any extra red 
Pikmin to yellow if you need to. Have at least 20 on you at all times.

Your next goal is to rebuild the bridge so that you can reach the car battery 
to get the maximum light going on in the cave. To gather the pieces, head over 
to the corner with the stick stuck in the ground. Raise the stick, and then 
send the Pikmin climbing up it if you want. If you stand far back enough, you 
can throw the yellow Pikmin on the tree stump to gather the pieces of the 

They will rebuild the bridge, and then you can continue to the car battery. 
Toss all the yellow Pikmin on the car battery to get the rest of the room 
charged up. Now all the other enemies in here are a non-threat and you can 
focus entirely on the Vehemoth Phosbat.

The Phosbat in this state is kind of a whimp. He flies around the cave and 
leans on the wall against the electrical currents. I guess he likes it, I 
don't know. When he does this, throw some yellow Pikmin on his back. You could 
technically throw any of the three Pikmin types at him, but if you miss with 
the yellow Pikmin it won't matter if they touch the nearby electric currents, 
whereas if the rock or red Pikmin touch the electricity, you'll have to calm 
them down with the whistle before they are electrocuted to death.

It will shake off Pikmin and it will also try to swoop down and grab you. To 
get out of its grasp, shake the left analog stick from left and right. When it 
tries to suck in the Pikmin, go around to its side and toss a bunch of yellow 
Pikmin on its side and it will fall down. Then throw some rock Pikmin at it 
and a ton of red Pikmin.

When it flies away, all the Pikmin will be covered in purple power. They will 
freak out and run around in circles when this happens, so save them from their 
affliction by using the whistle again. Then just keep repeating the process 
until the Vehemoth Phosbat's health is depleted completely.
Vehemoth Phosbat

As the Phosbat dies, it will knock a fruit from the cave ceiling. Have some 
Pikmin pick up the fruit and have the others pick up the Phosbat's dead body 
and carry it off. Of course, you will be issuing these orders as Captain 
Charlie. Nice to see him again! Read the Olimar file that was found inside 
the Phosbat (but why was it there?!) and then it is time to return to the 
S.S. Drake!

Check the map on the GamePad screen and you'll see another exit out of the 
cave. Take this exit and you'll be much closer to the S.S. Drake. In fact, if 
you just follow your Pikmin, they will walk right to this exit. Throw 10 of 
them at the shopping bag that is up here to create a platform to return here 
much quicker if you need to in the future.

Return to the S.S. Drake with the goods. You can now spend any remaining time 
in this day retrieving any extra fruit or building up your Pikmin army, but 
just make sure everyone is accounted for once the sun goes down.

---> DAY 11 <---
Olimar is suspected to be out and about in the Tropical Wilds, where Alph 
crashed, remember. Right now I would recommend exploring the vast majority of 
this area to find fruit and to build up your Pikmin army.

Gather fruit that you see on the map. Also build up your army of Pikmin while 
you're at it. There is a bridge that needs fixed, of course, so toss someone 
across the gap. Make sure they have a bunch of Pikmin as well so that they can 
collect all the bridge pieces and put the bridge back together.

When the bridge is fixed, reunite everyone and start focusing on the barricades
that can be smashed in the nearby vicinity. All of this hard work will probably
bring the end of the day, so don't get too far ahead of yourself.

---> DAY 12 <---
I spent this day doing more exploring. You will find new mechanics thrown into 
the mix, such as dirt piles that can be dug through in order to find explosive 
balls that can be used in combat and for various other purposes. There's a lot 
of fruit to be found in this area, especially if you walk down the beach. 
Destroy any electrical barricades and other such barricades along the way as 

---> DAY 13 <---
Now that the area has been scoured pretty well, it's time to get down to 
business. For this day, there are two goals I want you to focus on. One is 
easy, the other is somewhat challenging. We'll start with the easy goal first, 
so what you need to do is head to the area where we first took control of 
Alph, right up to the body of water he woke up in.

Of course, the path there is raised. Toss a bunch of Pikmin as well as one of 
the other crew members up there. For the sake of this guide, I will be doing 
these levels mostly from Alph's perspective, but it doesn't really matter who 
does what, so the details of your experience with the game may be a bit 
different than what I'm actually writing in this guide.

But anyway, toss Brittany up there. Then toss Captain Charlie after her. Then 
switch to Brittany and throw Captain Charlie up to the third raised area and 
toss the Pikmin up there with him. Switch to Charlie and then have the Pikmin 
pick up the suit and then gather everybody up and return back to the S.S. 

The suit will make your people less vulnerable to damage. That was a concern? 
Huh. Anyway, the next goal for this day is to defeat Shaggy Long Legs, a huge 
spider like enemy that likes to walk between two areas, and only one of them 
is accessible to you at this point in the game.

Wait for him to be in the accessible area, which is the area only blocked by 
an electricified barrier as opposed to the solid concrete barriers that block 
the other area. If you can, get your Pikmin powered up by spraying them with 
the red spicy juice. To get this juice, get those small berries that grow on 
plants, they are numerous in this area and appeared in the Distant Tundra as 
well, and have the Pikmin take them back to the S.S. Drake so that you can 
stock up on the juices.

When you have a full juice canister, you will be made aware of that fact on 
the left side of the screen. To spray your Pikmin group with it, press "up" 
on the d-pad. Then go to Shaggy Long Legs and send your Pikmin army after them.
They will climb up his legs and rip the hair off his joints. This will expose 
his joints and make him easier to damage.

When Shaggy Long Legs has about a quarter of health left, his head will lower. 
Now you can not only throw the red and yellow Pikmin at him, but you can also 
throw the rock Pikmin right at his head to do a lot of damage. When the Shaggy 
Long Leg is dead, he will drop a couple of kiwi.

Have the Pikmin haul the fruit load back to the S.S. Drake. That's about 
enough for this day of exploring, unless you have more time to collect even 
more fruit, then be my guest.

---> DAYs 14 - 18 <---
Obviously, you will definitely be way ahead of me on days at this point in the 
game, but I am still including them as sort of a technicality. Use these days 
to get ready for the VERY TOUGH boss battle that is ahead. Make sure you have a
ton of Pikmin, mainly red and rock, and get ready for one of the longest and 
most stressful fights in the entire game.

In the meantime, continue to explore the Tropical Woods. If you dig away the 
dirt near the shopping bag you'll wind up finding another Olimar file that will
point out the "seesaw" mechanism in the center of the area. Go there now. Have 
Alph take a few red Pikmin with him and then have Brittany take the yellow.

Have Alph go to the ground seesaw that should be indented into the ground. It 
really looks like a large switch, and it will tell you how many creatures are 
on it with a blue number that appears after stepping on the thing. Now look at 
your map.

There is a trampoline, as marked by the red circle on the map. Get as close to 
that as possible with Brittany and all the yellow Pikmin. Throw them onto it 
and they will bounce over to the other switch, weighing it down in the process 
and lifting Alph and his red Pikmin up. Gather up all the yellow Pikmin and 
then cross the tree branch to the other side. Drop down into the hole.

Kill the monster in here for its fruit and its body. Take everything back to 
the S.S. Drake and then continue to prepare for the boss fight...it wouldn't be
a bad idea to replenish more of that spicy spray that gets your Pikmin tough 
as well...

---> DAYs 19 - 21<---
When you're ready for the fight, go through the concrete barricade that is 
right at the start of the S.S. Drake. Then move up the hill here to see that 
there is a log with a file on it just across the way that you can reach. To do 
that, throw both Charlie and Brittany on the log with a bunch of Pikmin. Then 
throw Charlie over to the third area from the middle log with Brittany and toss
the Pikmin to him as well.

Switch to Brittany and have her reunite with Alph. Switch to Charlie and have 
him take his Pikmin exploring over there. You will be behind the shopping bag 
that you've probably seen on the ledge earlier. Have his Pikmin push the 
shopping bag off the ledge so that now Alph and Brittany can reach the higher 
area with their captain.

Choose a group leader and reunite everyone. This next boss fight is incredibly 
tough, so make sure you have a lot of Pikmin on you. Preferrably, have the 
maximum amount of 100 Pikmin so that you can complete this fight with 
considerably less stress involved.

When you have the Pikmin (I recommend mostly red and rock Pikmin), it's time to
face the boss. Continue down the darkened path at the top of the shopping bag 
to find a desert area with a cellphone smackdab in the middle. Approach it to 
trigger the boss.

Sandbelching Meerslug
Easily the toughest boss in the game so far, this fight and its aftermath will 
likely last at least a couple of days. The Sandbelching Meerslug has a wide 
variety of attacks that are all very freaking annoying and can cause mass 
amounts of dead Pikmin, so be ready to rebuild your Pikmin army over the days 
following this battle.

To start, the Meerslug will burrow underground and move around the area. It is 
VERY important to stay as FAR AWAY from the thing as possible when it does 
this. If you are near it, or if any Pikmin are near it, it will burrow even 
deeper underground and start sucking in everything in a little vortex.

If your Pikmin or your other crewmates get stuck in this vortex, recall them 
with the whistle to try to save them. This won't always work, but it will 
save at least a few Pikmin here and there.

Otherwise, just wait for it to pop its head above ground. Then charge the 
creature. Get as close as possible and just start chucking red Pikmin at it. 
They will do a decent amoung of damage before being shrugged off, and then 
cap off the assault with rock Pikmin.

The reason you want to be super close to the Meerslug is for a couple of 
reasons. For one, it is pretty damn hard to accurately attack the damn thing. 
Secondly, the Sandbelching Meerslug's primary attack when it is above ground is
to spit giant dirtballs. Being close to the beast will make it so the balls 
have a much harder time landing on you or your Pikmin.

In the event the giant dirtballs do land on your Pikmin or one of your 
crewmates, this fight is going to be even more annoying. The Pikmin hit by it 
will sometimes just be knocked down, but a lot of the time they will get 
stuck in the ground, forcing you to pluck them out again. If you get knocked 
down or one of your crewmates, you'll have to wiggle the left analog stick to 
get up and then use the whistle to help your teammates to stop from freaking 
out about being hurt as they are prone to do.

As the fight goes on, the Meerslug will become more and more dangerous. His 
vortex will become much wider and harder to avoid. Do NOT pluck any Pikmin 
from the ground while he is burrowing around underground by the way, as this 
just makes it easier for him to hit you with his giant clods of dirt that he 
shoots from his mouth. Instead wait for him to start up his vortex, and then 
pluck any Pikmin that are stuck underground while he's doing it, assuming 
they are out of range of the vortex...because even buried Pikmin can be eaten 
by the Meerslug.

If you want to sacrifice some Pikmin, you can deal damage to him while he is 
doing the vortex, but it is not recommended. On top of the walls that surround 
this makeshift fighting arena are dirt holes that have those explosive balls 
inside of them. Toss a couple of yellow Pikmin up there to collect the bombs 
and then you can sacrifice them into the vortex while they are holding the 
bombs to do damage to the Meerslug. I believe you can trick it to just suck up 
the bombs by themselves anyway, but this is unlikely and not a very good 
strategy in the long run. However, if my other advice isn't working out for 
you, then it wouldn't hurt to try it.

When the Meerslug has about half of its life left, it becomes even more of a 
hassle to fight. It will then have a larger dirt pile as it sticks its head 
just barely up out of the ground. Run straight up the dirt pile and then let 
yourself slide down. As you slide down, you will slide right into your army of 
Pikmin, which you can then effectively throw at the Meerslug to continue doing 
damage to it.

Randomly, I found that the Meerslug will pop out of the dirt and land on the 
ground, hurt. Do NOT waste this opportunity when it happens. Just chuck all 
you have at it and hope that you can put a significant dent in the health of 
the Meerslug in the process.
Sandbelching Meerslug

After the beast is finally dead, the long cleanup process commences next. If 
you are anything like me, you lost a ton of Pikmin in the Meerslug battle, so 
that makes this cleanup process even longer. However, the benefits of having 
three controllable characters really pop up here.

First of all, deal with the chunks of watermelon and the cellphone first. The 
Meerslug is gigantic and all this other junk will be in the way when your 
Pikmin try to transport the body back to the Onion. Have someone follow the 
Pikmin so that you can immediately round them back up and turn around when they
deliver everything.

It may take a few trips, but it's better than sitting around waiting for the 
Pikmin to get the job done. Keep doing this until you have collected all of the
loots from the boss battle, and then you are finally ready to head on to the 
next level...

---> DAY 22 <---
I prefer this new level to the Tropical Wilds by a landslide. Much more 
entertaining to explore, less stressful...anyway, from the start at the S.S. 
Drake, first you need to take note of your surroundings. There's only one way 
out of this initial area right now, as a concrete barricade blocks the other 
path out.

Of course, you need those bombs to destroy the concrete barricade, and there 
aren't any in the near vicinity. There is a dirt mound close by, but that 
will only yield tokens you can bring back to the Onion for more Pikmin. Do 
that, by the way, use this time to recover from the Meerslug battle and build 
your army of Pikmin back up.

A blue bug will spawn near the S.S. Drake as well. It won't fight back, but if 
you kill it, it will drop a bunch of that orange juice that your Pikmin can 
suck up to power themselves up. It's worth doing, especially if you lost a lot 
of Pikmin in the Tropical Wilds 2.

When you're ready, it's time to start exploring this place! There is a 
partially-built blue bridge, so head there first. Across the way is a new 
purple type of Onion that is caught in a web. Obviously, your current goal for 
this place is to get that new Onion type, but first you will need to, yet 
again, rebuild the bridge, so focus on that now.

The first pile of bridge pieces is nearby, so have a bunch of red Pikmin 
gather them up. Then step on the lilypad. When another lilypad floats by, you 
can hop over to it. Do that and then get out at the next lilypad, which will be
to your right.

After hopping off, the next pile of pieces is really close by, enclosed in 
crystal. Smash the crystal with rock Pikmin while simultaneously having yellow 
Pikmin break the electrical barricade to your right. Use your mass amount of 
red Pikmin (or whatever Pikmin type you have the most of...should be red) to 
gather the rest of the pieces and carry them back to the blue bridge.

You'll probably want to gather fruit for this day, so continuing the story 
will have to wait a bit. Go through the now-destroyed electrical barrier to 
find some water and a frog in the middle of the water. Separate out your 
team and then take Alph across the water by himself.

Walk up the slope and grab the file. Then switch to Brittany and have her toss 
Alph a bunch of rock Pikmin. Switch back to Alph and use the rock Pikmin to 
smash the crystal that has a plumb inside of it. The rock Pikmin will be smart 
enough to carry the plumb up the slope and then hop down to avoid the water. 
If the frog becomes a problem during this, take him out.

The Pikmin won't take the plumb across the water on the lilypads like the other
Pikmin probably did with the bridge pieces. Instead they will keep walking as 
there is a bridge just across the way that leads to the S.S Drake area as well.
An armored enemy that can fly is there, so attack him from behind like you do 
any of the other armored enemies encountered in the game.

When he's defeated, you might as well scoop up his body to harvest even more 
Pikmin. Whichever Pikmin type you are lacking the most, have them pick up the 
bodies and the bigger Pikmin flower token things so that you can have a healthy
amount of each Pikmin type. Hopefully you will never even run low and have to 
worry about grinding your Pikmin army back up.

And with that, I think it's about time for the end of the day. Make sure all 
your Pikmin are safe and sound and that you collected at least one type of 
fruit so you can break even with the juice supplies.

---> DAY 23 <---
Now it's time to finish building the bridge and recover the purple Onion! So 
today we will be getting a lot done, especially with a good portion of the 
Twilight River already explored. Unfortunately, don't expect to collect any 
fruit on this day, but hey, you should have a huge supply of juice built up 
anyway, especially if you've been getting a lot more done than I have on each 
of the days!

First thing's first, you need to finish building the bridge. Also, it won't 
hurt to blow up the concrete barricade that is right near the S.S. Drake. 
Withdraw about 25 yellow Pikmin and then have the rest made up of whatever 
combination of red and rock Pikmin you'd like. Cross the river using the 
lilypads, and then immediately head to the west.

Hug the north part of this area to find a cave. Before going in there, notice 
the tin can that is sticking out of the wall with four explosive balls sitting 
on top of it. Toss four yellow Pikmin up there and then keep them handy for 
now. Enter the cave.

Inside the cave, watch out for the water on the ground. Avoid contact with the 
monsters that slide out of the water as well, so just stay as far away from it 
as you possibly can. Follow the "buzzing" sound to find the electrical machine 
with the severed line that is supposed to be powering the light in this cave. 
You need a whopping 20 yellow Pikmin to fix this connection, so that is why I 
asked you to bring so many on this trip.

Fix the connection and then when the light is on, a couple of plans will bloom,
creating handy new platforms for you to reach the last 30 pieces of the blue 
bridge. Send 30 red Pikmin there to get all those pieces, and then turn your 
attention to the Pikmin token flowers in the room. There's a big one that is 
exclusively for rock Pikmin and a small one exclusively for yellow Pikmin. 
Harvest those now since everyone is heading back to the S.S. Drake anyway.

On your way back to the Drake (take the bridge), make sure to stop the red 
Pikmin from returning to the place where the bridge pieces were by blowing 
your whistle at them when you walk by. Blow up the concrete barrier with the 
bombs and then round up all of your Pikmin.

Go to the Onion and send back about 20 to 30 Pikmin. You don't need them right 
now and the less red/yellow/rock Pikmin you have, the more flying Pikmin you 
can get here in a second. Anyway, cross the bridge and then approach the web. 
Throw some rock Pikmin at the spider that is crawling on the web to kill it. 
Have whatever Pikmin type you have the least amount of carry the spider's body 
back to the multi-colored Onion.

With this purple Onion free, some flying Pikmin will spawn. The day should be 
almost up at this point, so spend the rest of it building up your supply of 
flying Pikmin. There should be a Pikmin token exclusively for these flying 
guys nearby, so harvest that. Notice the weird purple, pinkish plants sticking 
out of the ground? Five flying Pikmin can pick these up, but with daylight 
running out, we'll worry about that later.

---> DAY 24 <---
Now it's time to build up your supply of flying Pikmin and use them to your 
advantage to collect fruits and such. The flying Pikmin color of purple will 
appear on the tokens right after yellow. It takes a lot for them to knock the 
tokens off the petal, and in fact it takes a lot of flying Pikmin to do much of

Leave about 20 spaces free for your on-field Pikmin by the way, so that way you
can keep plucking the flying Pikmin out of the ground as you collect them. Use 
them to pull those oddly shaped purple plants that are sticking out of the 
ground and you'll be rewarded with fruit, spice juice, and Pikmin tokens. The 
plants differ on how many flying Pikmin are required to pull it out of the 
ground based on whatever item is buried underneath it.

There are a couple of things you can do once you have your flying Pikmin built 
up sufficiently. For one, keep going around and yanking the plants out of the 
ground. Go back to the cave and spray them with the juice so that they are more
aggressive in combat. Then separate your squad and have one person take all the
flying Pikmin with them. Then walk into the water.

The benefit of flying Pikmin is that they can follow you across water since 
they can fly and all. Obviously, this has applications in previous levels, so 
if you would like to return to the previous levels and collect some of the 
fruit and items that you couldn't before without the flying Pikmin, then be my 

Anyway, deep underwater in the cave you will find a file. Check out that and 
then walk up onto the next piece of dry land. Go around the corner to see a 
spider-web, and beyond the web a bunch of raspberries. With your flying Pikmin 
geared up and ready for battle, have them fight the spider. Be sure to toss 
them at the spider's back; tossing them on the other side of the web will just 
guarantee their death. You can save Pikmin that get stuck on the web by blowing
the whistle at them.

With the spider dead, its web will crumble. Now you are free to collect the 
fruit with the flying Pikmin. Return to the area where you rescued their Onion 
because now you can collect even more Pikmin than before. Yank the plants out 
of the ground for fruit and such, but don't have the flying Pikmin carry the 
fruit as you need them for other things. Switch over to the red Pikmin and have
them carry all the fruit back to the S.S. Drake.

Back at the area where you rescued their Onion is a small body of water with 
huge purple tokens just across the way. Have the flying Pikmin collect these 
tokens as you go across the water yourself (be sure to separate out your squad 
so the red, yellow, and rock Pikmin don't foolishly follow you to their deaths)
to get the file on the other side.

Make sure you have quite a bit of flying Pikmin. At least 20, I would say. You 
may want to spend part of the next day continuing to build up your army of 
flying Pikmin some more.

---> DAY 25 <---
Now with an ample supply of flying Pikmin, it's time to continue to the next 
area of the Twilight River by actually traveling down river and away from this 
initial place. Return to the area where you first recovered their Onion. If 
you travel upstream to the east, you will see a twig is blocking the way of 
the lilypads, hence why the platform to the west is just sitting there with 
nothing floating by it.

At least 10 flying Pikmin are needed to pull up the twig. Upon doing so, the 
water will start flowing properly again. Plus, a mysterious message will be 
picked up. I won't spoil what it is, but after it's over, head to the western 
pad and then hop onto the floating lilypad to float through the large pipe and 
into the next area.

Get off the first chance you can. Defeat the spider here. Notice the flying 
enemy with juices in it. Throw yellow Pikmin or flying Pikmin at it so the 
Pikmin can drink the juices and become stronger. By the way, flying Pikmin are 
not very good at ground combat, but against flying enemies they are actually 
quite adept, making a yellow/flying Pikmin combo for hard to reach and flying 
enemies a pretty good call.

Explore this area a bit. Find an exit by going up the hill and you'll see that 
it leads you right behind a shopping bag. Have 10 Pikmin push the bag off the 
little cliff so now you have a shortcut to this place from the S.S. Drake. 
Gather the Pikmin and proceed across the bridge in your new area to explore and
you'll come across a bamboo gate, plus an electrical barrier. At the base of 
the large tree you'll also find a file. By the way, if you are having troubles 
finding the bag I speak of, just have some Pikmin carry off the corpse of an 
enemy and they will carry that corpse right to that shopping bag exit to make 
things easier for you.

Destroy the electrical barrier. The flying Pikmin can be used to lift up the 
bamboo gate, but you can simply go around the thing. Not only that, but the 
flying Pikmin have to be constantly holding up the bamboo gate so that you can 
walk under it. There was a bamboo gate a couple of levels back that you can now
get through with the help of the flying Pikmin.

---> DAY 26 <---
There is a reason that you SHOULD use the bamboo gate, though, and the reason 
is the mass amount of enemies on the other side. You can take them all head on,
but that's not advised. On this day, return to the bamboo gate, lift it up 
with the flying Pikmin, then have some red Pikmin get the fruit that is sitting
just on the other side.

Go down the river to find another file by Olimar that explains how to get 
someone across the river. Have everyone jump on a floating lilypad, and then 
throw Brittany onto the trampoline/mushroom so that she bounces up to the other
side. Also throw a bunch of rock Pikmin her way as well by bouncing them off 
the mushroom.

First thing you'll want to do is kill the spider to destroy its web. There is a
good strategy using the rock Pikmin against the spiders. Basically, throw some 
rock Pikmin on the web to attract the spider down the web. Then just throw all 
the other rock Pikmin at the spider to kill it and you should be able to do 
this fast enough to make sure none of the rock Pikmin are killed during the 
entire situation.

Smash the crystal with the rock Pikmin to get some fruit. Then have the rock 
Pikmin carry it off. You know that branch that blocks the lilypad from floating
endlessly down the river? Well stand there as Alph and then go to the area just
above it with Brittany. Throw Brittany the flying Pikmin and then switch back 
to Brittany.

Toss the flying Pikmin across the water to the brown bridge pieces. There is 
a water enemy that will get close by and spit water blobs at any rock Pikmin 
you may have left (the flying Pikmin will be out of range), so watch out for 
them as you collect the bridge pieces. Wait there for them to return after all 
the bridge pieces have been collected, and then gather them up.

Ready for a mini-boss fight? Of course you are. This one is much easier than 
the Shaggy Long Legs fight from the Tropical Wilds. Hell, everything is easier 
than the Tropical Wilds! Make sure you have a bunch of red Pikmin, and then 
check out the map.

You should have enough fruit that the fruit appears on the map even in 
unexplored areas, represented by a star on your map. There should be one in an 
unexplored path, right by a big 10 purple token. Go there now and the boss will
pop up out of the ground.

This is a weird bird-head thing with a fuzzy skull. The fuzzy skull is its 
weak point and it will start to darken in color as damage is dealt. Toss your 
red Pikmin at its head when it comes out of the ground. The bird will peck at 
your Pikmin in an attempt to eat them, so keep moving to avoid any losses. The 
bird will sometimes burrow itself back into the ground to get the Pikmin off, 
but it's just a battle of persistence until it is finally defeated.

Some more fruit and its body are your reward. Don't have your Pikmin collect 
this stuff just yet, however. There's another exit here that leads to another 
shopping bag that works as a shortcut to the blue bridge area. Push that bag 
off the cliff and then the Pikmin should carry all that stuff to the S.S. 
Drake much faster than they would otherwise. Unlike the other bag, the Pikmin 
won't automatically carry the loots that direction because this bag has no 
room for them to walk off the cliff regardless of if you've pushed the bag or 

---> DAY 27 <---
Time to finish building that bridge and do some more exploring. Go to the 
river in the area with the brown bridge. Ride the lilypad down the river and 
hop off at the north end. You've never been here before, so there may be some 
monsters here and there that need cleared out.

There's also a stone wall here to smash, so smash it. Take your flying Pikmin 
across the small pool of water and around the corner to find another pile of 
bridge pieces. Have them gather up the bridge pieces and then wait for them 
to return. Gather them back up as well as your other Pikmin that were busy 
destroying the wall after they've successfully destroyed the wall.

With all of your Pikmin gathered up again, go through the area that the wall 
was guarding. Here you will find a swarm of new enemies called Scornets. They 
will swoop down and take your other Pikmin, so use the flying Pikmin to kill 

It may take a while, but once they've all been defeated, you are free to 
continue. Unfortunately, they will not have any bodies that are dropped so you 
can keep building up your reserve of Pikmin. When they die, they just die and 
their bodies disappear.

Continue to find two giant clipboards. There's also a spider web here that is 
placed a bit higher up than usual, making it a pain to deal with, but you 
should still use the strategy from before, just might want to use some red and 
yellow Pikmin as well is all. Don't bother with the flying Pikmin because they 
are very weak and will be demolished by the spider.

When the spider is dead, have some Pikmin carry its body off and then turn your
attention to the clipboards. The clipboard closest to the entrance contains a 
bunch of enemies in a hole underneath it. It is a good way to get a bunch of 
Pikmin very fast if you kill them effectively enough. They are all grouped 
together so I say if you have at least 15 rock Pikmin, go nuts. Have the 
flying Pikmin lift up the clipboard and then just toss as many Pikmin as you 
have into the hole and then have them carry away the bodies.

Then use your flying Pikmin to lift up the other clipboard. Here you will find 
the rest of the bridge pieces! Any of the Pikmin types can carry the bridge 
pieces, but I recommend flying Pikmin because they will do it the fastest, 
carrying the pieces over the river and what-not. The other Pikmin will ride 
the lilypads, so it takes a bit longer, but oh well.

When all is said and done, round up the Pikmin. The bridge should be complete 
by now, and you can cross it, climb to the top of the tree, and fight the boss 
of Twilight River if you wish. I doubt you'll be able to actually finish the 
boss fight before the day is up, but it doesn't hurt to get started on chipping
away its health.

For more details on the boss fight, check out the strategy for the next few 

---> DAYs 28 - 30 <---
Before getting into this fight, make sure that you have a TON of flying Pikmin.
The other Pikmin are practically useless in this fight because of how high the 
Scornet Maestro flies around.

Scornet Maestro
The Scornet Maestro has a different look than the other bosses visually, but 
that doesn't mean he isn't as tough. Next to the Meerslug, he is the toughest 
boss in the game so far. He will have a little army of Scornets that he will 
swarm around to protect him as well as swoop up Pikmin.

Usually, I would tell you to use the flying Pikmin to kill all of the Scornets.
However, the Maestro will keep respawning the Scornets as he needs them for 
his attacks. You should just avoid the Scornets and run around the area 
avoiding the attacks from the Maestro.

The Maestro will create a drill with the Scornets and then shoot them at you. 
Just run out of the way to avoid it. You can do the dodge roll as well if you 
are feeling especially ambitious, but taking your left hand off the analog 
stick to press buttons on the d-pad can be problematic.

The Scornets will disperse after a while and then that is your cue to chuck 
all the flying Pikmin at the Maestro. The Maestro will fall to the ground and 
then you can throw all your other Pikmin at him to continue damaging him while 
he's on the ground.

The Maestro's attacks will become more aggressive and elaborate as the fight 
goes on. He will put his Scornets in a Space Invaders formation and then fire 
them off by rows. Just run to avoid this, and if you're lucky, these attacks 
will only hit Brittany and Captain Charlie and/or Alph depending on if you 
decided to switch to a different person for whatever reason.

You can spray your Pikmin with the spice juice, but since your chances to do 
damage to this boss are so spread out, it is likely they will run out of it 
before really getting to do anything. So I would save the juice in that regard.

If you run low on flying Pikmin, yellow Pikmin are a suitable substitude to 
dealing damage to the Scornet Maestro and getting him on the ground where the 
real hurt can be laid on him.

As the fight goes on, the Scornet Maestro will start swooping up Pikmin by 
launching his Scornets in a Space Invaders formation. After they are swooped 
up, you have a chance to save them by killing the Scornets as they fly around 
the Maestro in a circle holding the Pikmin in their mouths.

When the Maestro only has a quarter of his health left, he will become much 
more dangerous. The Scornets will form a circle around you and your Pikmin. 
Wait for them to stop rotating, and then they still start closing in. Quickly 
break a hole through their defenses with some red and rock Pikmin and then run 
through that gap. This gap will remain there every time the Maestro attempts 
this attack, so wait for them to stop rotating, start closing in, and then run 
through the gap.

Let's just say that you were unfortunate and wound up getting a bunch of Pikmin
taken away by the Scornets. Don't fret too much as you will still have a chance
to save them afterwards, as they will be flown around the Maestro in a weird 
Scornet circle again. That being said, you could lose almost ALL of your Pikmin
from that single attack, so do your very best to avoid it at all costs.
Scornet Maestro

Clean-up. If you have time immediately after the fight, there's actually a ton 
of Scornet bodies you can collect for the Onion, though they will disappear on 
the next day. Only 10 Pikmin need to carry the Maestro's body, so use whatever 
ones you have the least amount of. There's also a large fruit to collect, plus 
you will need five Pikmin to carry, er, "Olimar" back to the Drake.

---> DAY 31 <---
Not the juice! Oh, the humanity! Turns out taking "Olimar" on board wasn't such
a great idea. Now it's time to find that dirtbag, regain the stolen juice, and 
get the Cosmic Drive Key!

Pay attention during the beginning scene as it shows where "Olimar" runs. 
Follow him down that path and you'll be confronted with a stone wall as well as
a bunch of water. There are big blue tokens here as well, so as you can 
probably guess, it's time for a new Pikmin type! Make sure you have room in 
your Pikmin ranks for at least 20 more on the field Pikmin.

Start out by using the flying Pikmin to pluck the Onion out of the water. 
Then send all your Pikmin that will die from the water to smash on the wall. Do
not make the mistake of bringing them into the water with you while you learn 
the tricks and the trades of the blue Pikmin, otherwise you will lose a ton of 

Start amassing the blue Pikmin. Use the first one you get to start collecting 
the near tokens. Then you should have about 10 or so. Explore the water to find
some files that will give you brief explanations on the ins and outs of the 
blue Pikmin as well as a strawberry. You won't be getting your juice back today
(unless you are super ambitious), so be sure to collect the strawberry.

Annoying aquatic enemies are abundant in this level. Theoretically, the blue 
Pikmin should make dealing with these guys much easier, but in actuality, the 
blue Pikmin kind of suck at fighting. Nevertheless, there is strenght in 
numbers. Kill all the aquatic enemies in this initial area and then have the 
blue Pikmin carry their corpses back to the Onion to beef up your number of 
blue Pikmin.

From there, there's other stuff you can probably squeeze in today. Walk around 
the water to fill out your map more and take note of the areas that you have 
yet to explore. Remember we haven't went beyond the stone wall yet, plus there 
is a bamboo gate that can be lifted up by flying Pikmin. On the other side of 
that are more enemies, but there's also an orange and you can access the blue 
bridge pieces there.

To make your flying Pikmin lift up the bamboo gate, you won't be able to throw 
them like normal because they will be so high up and you'll be so deep in the 
water. Instead what you need to do is get close to the gate, and then press B 
to disperse them. This will cause them all to fly at the top of the bamboo 
gate and lift it up. At least 10 of them are necessary to get this done.

In the first area with water, you'll also find the brown bridge pieces located 
fairly deep in the water. Have the blue Pikmin gather those up while you 
explore and take down notes for the next day. When you're ready, gather up all 
the Pikmin. Tomorrow the blue Onion will join with the rest and you will now 
have five different Pikmin types at your disposal.

---> DAY 32 <---
Now it's time to finish building the brown bridge. Go through the stone 
barricade area to find some brown bridge pieces. Start having Pikmin rebuild 
the bridge with them. There is also an enemy in this area, so kill it and then 
when the bridge is complete, move across.

Destroy the crystal here with rock Pikmin and gather the fruit that was inside 
of it. Kill the enemy that is up here as well. Toss red Pikmin on top of it and
then throw the rock Pikmin into its pulsing head thing. Throw 20 Pikmin of any 
color and type into the object so they can push it into the water. This is so 
your Pikmin can collect that large orange fruit from earlier.

You will need a minimum of 20 flying Pikmin and as many blue Pikmin as 
possible. I would say at LEAST 15 of them. Have some blue Pikmin gather the 
fruit, then head to the bamboo gate with some flying Pikmin. There are a bunch 
of swimming enemies here, so use the blue Pikmin to kill them all if you 
haven't done that already.

Disperse the Pikmin group with B to have the flying Pikmin lift the bamboo 
gate. Now the blue Pikmin with the fruit and the dead bodies of the swimming 
enemies can take it all back to the S.S. Drake.

To the north of the bamboo gate, you will find a clipboard that needs lifted 
up by flying Pikmin. Use any left over ones to do that, then throw some more 
inside of the canister so they can collect the fruit there. Going "east" of 
the bamboo gate, you will find blue pieces. There's also a large crab enemy 
over there that we're not ready to deal with just yet.

Call it a day.

---> DAY 33 <---
Now that you should have quite a bit of blue Pikmin, it's time to put them to 
good use in battle. Take at least 30 blue Pikmin with you. I would just take 
the whole lot, though, so if you have more than 30, just take all of them. Do 
not bother with any yellow Pikmin, but just in case you get farther ahead of 
the game than I did (or already am), you may want to bring along some red and 
rock Pikmin. For more information on them, just read further on into the next 
day of Garden of Hope 2.

So, return to the crab thing. Spray your blue Pikmin with spices if you need 
to, and then lug them all at the creature's eyes. When his eyes pop, quickly 
recall your Pikmin and then toss them onto his exposed underbelly. Then just 
keep repeating the process until he's dead and allow the blue Pikmin to reap 
the rewards, which will include some fruit.

Collect any more of those pieces that you haven't yet. Smash the stone 
barricade that separates the two areas to make traveling around a lot easier of
an experience. Now go into the "dark" part of your map to find annoying squids 
that spit ink, and an octopus that likes to trap Pikmin in bubbles.

Since the blue Pikmin are only so-so fighters, this section can be a little 
annoying. If you have less than 30 blue Pikmin, you might want to return to the
Drake and get the others. Anyway, engage these sea creatures in battle using 
the blue Pikmin.

Focus on the squids first. They are harder to attack, plus they move around, 
whereas the octopus doesn't move. If any blue Pikmin get caught up in bubbles, 
just ignore them for now, unless it's a lot. In that case, free them by 
throwing other blue Pikmin at the bubbles, but you'll have to halt the battle 
with the squids to do this.

If Pikmin get caught up in the ink, you need to blow the whistle at them to 
free them, as usual. After the squid have been defeated, throw everything you 
have at the octopus.

If there's still some time left in this day, return the blue Pikmin to the 
Onion and then take a lot of red Pikmin across the brown bridge. There is a 
plant here that has those cherries needed to create the spices that power up 
the Pikmin. You'll want that spray for whenever the blue Pikmin need to fight, 
so have some red Pikmin carry it all back to the Drake for you and build up 
your supply if needed.

---> DAY 34 <---
This day will be spent building the blue bridge. After completing the structure
in the water, you can see that it is a platform that can be used to get Pikmin 
on the other side. Bring a bunch of rock Pikmin and red Pikmin. Throw Charlie 
and Brittany onto the platform, followed by the red and rock Pikmin.

Then throw Charlie across to the other side with the red and rock Pikmin. The 
reason you will want red and rock Pikmin is because there is a mini-boss on 
the other side in the form of another crab-like creature. It will try to block 
the attacks of Pikmin with its claws, but you can use the rock Pikmin to break 
its claws if you hit it enough times.

When the crab is dead, it's time to focus on building the bridge. Use the 
rock Pikmin to smash the nearby crystal and collect all the blue bridge pieces 
that were trapped therein. Then take some red Pikmin into the next area to 
find some more blue bridge pieces just sitting in a pile. Have some gather 
those up.

Traveling a bit further, you will reach an area that will take you to another 
screen, but there is a mound of dirt that can be dug through. Throw a lot of 
Pikmin at the dirt pile and they will dig up the rest of the blue bridge 
pieces. Now the bridge is complete.

By the way, you know the overturned flower pot that the crab was hiding in? 
Check it for a secret file. Finish out this day by doing some exploring with 
the blue Pikmin around these waters. There are enemies in the water to kill 
and their bodies can be harvested to bolster your ranks of blue Pikmin. This 
part of the game is just about over, so hang tight...

---> DAY 35 <---
With the blue bridge built, it is time to tackle the next boss of the game. 
Bring with you a bunch of blue, red, and rock Pikmin. Yellow and flying 
Pikmin are basically useless for this fight.

Go across the blue bridge, then onward to the next screen, with a full party 
of 100 so that this fight goes a bit easier. Walk across the mud (be sure not 
to walk through any puddles because your non-blue Pikmin will drown). Grab 
the file here first, then approach the crystalized object in the middle of 
the mud.

Smash it with the rock Pikmin, and then it will come to life.

Quaggered Mireclops
It is pretty much inevitable that a lot of Pikmin will be lost during this 
boss battle. That being said, the fight itself is not too hard if you have 100 
Pikmin with you.

The Mireclops will stomp around and attempt to stomp on your Pikmin. If you get
too far away from him, he will charge at you. Avoid running under his body 
because he will slam himself into the ground in another attempt to smash you, 
as well as create giant mud puddles, making it more difficult to maneuver 
around the area and keep all of your red and rock Pikmin alive.

Throw Pikmin at his feet. Just focus on one foot. When enough damage has been 
done to it, the Mireclops will collapse. That is your cue to run onto his 
back and start chucking rock Pikmin at the crystal on his back until it breaks 

This will trigger the second part of the battle. Now he is far more aggressive 
with his attacks. Keep throwing Pikmin at this feet (red or blue Pikmin, not 
the rock Pikmin) to damage them and make him collapse again. If he is walking 
around in a lot of puddles, stick with the blue Pikmin when tossing at his 

Then run onto his back when he's knocked down. The Mireclops won't get back 
up until after you've taken away a quarter of his health. So throw all you've 
got at the meat of him on his back. Spray your Pikmin with the spice if need 
be to do damage to the Mireclops much faster.

Keep in mind that when on his back, the Mireclops will slide his tongue around 
in a circle. This will get Pikmin wet, kill some, and may even knock you off 
his back. It's really difficult to try to dodge this, so just let it happen 
and then return to his back, blowing the whistle at any Pikmin that are having 

Just keep repeating this until he is dead. If you are running low on Pikmin, 
just roll with it and keep the fight up. This is a large area and Pikmin tend 
to get lost during this fight, so if you need to, take the time to gather them 
back up.
Quaggered Mireclops

After the battle, there will be three things to gather. This fight honestly 
shouldn't have taken very long, so there should still be time to gather up 
everything. First, grab Louie. Then grab the fruit, and the remains of the 
Mireclops. Unfortunately, you can't pick up the giant stone body he was 
inhabiting, but oh well.

---> DAY 36 <---
Get lots of Pikmin. Lots and lots and lots of Pikmin. There are numerous 
challenges you'll have to face during this stretch of the game, so bring all 
five different types of Pikmin. Have more red Pikmin than anything else because
they are your fighters.

Climb to the top of the tree. Olimar, the real deal, will be sucked up by a 
golden blob. Throw all your Pikmin at the blob until it separates out into 
smaller blobs. Then send five Pikmin to pick up Olimar to carry him. Now this 
is where things get a little bit confusing.

Basically, the Pikmin will follow the "leader". Right now Brittany is the 
leader and she will run off into the tree. The reason for this is that the 
Pikmin are unable to figure out where to carry Olimar, so they just follow 
whoever is designated as the "leader" for this dungeon.

Enter the cave. The blob will start to chase you down, so just keep moving 
forward. You will pass a concrete barricade that can be destroyed if you are 
feeling up to it, but I recommend just running beyond it and pushing deeper 
into the cave.

Numerous enemies will be encountered along the way. Get rid of them as fast 
as possible so that you can keep running from the blob. If the blob captures 
Olimar, you will have to quickly attack ti to make it stop. The deeper you are 
into the dungeon, the longer this will take. The blob will also use stronger 
attacks as you go deeper and deeper into the dungeon, such as becoming on fire 
as well as creating a field of electricity. Yellow Pikmin can still attack the 
blob while it has the electrical field, and red Pikmin can still attack it when
it is spraying flames.

There will be a couple of forks in the road, but don't worry about what 
direction to take. They all lead to the same place, for the most part. There 
will be numerous stone barricades to smash, and so while you're doing that, 
run around with Olimar so that the blob follows you and ignores the Pikmin 
that are working on destroying the barricades.

When you reach a brown bridge that needs built, use the rock Pikmin to destroy
the crystal in the center of that room and gather the pieces. The rest of the 
pieces will be buried nearby. The blob will chase you around during this part, 
so keep moving to stop Olimar from being snatched away.

It was around this time that the day was ending for me. Gather up all the 
Pikmin and just run away. Of course, you are probably moving at a much faster 
pace than I still, so just keep reading on for the rest of the strategy for 
the Formidable Oak level in Pikmin 3.

---> DAY 37 <---
Grab Olimar and then continue deeper into the Formidable Oak until you reach 
the area that you were before, and continue. Don't bother smashing the crystal 
because it just leads you to the other side of that concrete barricade (though 
that being said, if you are finding that it takes you a long time to travel 
between the areas, it may be worth it as a shortcut).

You will then reach a dark cavern of sorts. The Pikmin have an annoying habit 
of walking right through water when carrying Olimar, so try to have blue Pikmin
do most of the work in this area. Run around this place and get everything on 
your map so you can locate all the pieces to the blue bridge in here on your 
map, and have your Pikmin collect them. Preferrably, use flying Pikmin or blue 
Pikmin do this for the same reasons as before, though you will find some of 
the blue piles actually snake around back to the beginning of this area.

The good thing is that the enemies that you killed before shouldn't have 
respawned at this point. The bad thing is that there's not a whole lot of 
time to get stuff done. One of the goals here is to turn on the electricity 
using yellow Pikmin, and there is a bulb here to change the color of any 
Pikmin that you will need to do that with, so there's that.

---> DAYs 38 - 45 <---
Return to the dark cavern. Finish lighting it up and then use the new flower 
petal platforms to get across the gap. Go outside now to start the final boss 
battle of the game, and get ready, because it is a doozy, to say the least...

Plasm Wraith
You need at least 100 Pikmin with you for this fight to be really successful 
at it. The fight comes in three separate stages. The Wraith will try to stab 
at you and your Pikmin, which can kill Pikmin VERY quickly, plus it can also 
do serious damage to Alph, Charlie, and Brittany. Even though they could have 
lost all their health at other points in the game, this is the first time 
where it is a real, significant threat.

Basically, if one of your characters loses all their health, they will be 
sucked back to the S.S. Drake. This means that you can't switch to them, and if
all three go out, it's game over.

The most effective Pikmin, I found anyway, was the rock Pikmin. During the 
later phases of this fight, it encourages using more Pikmin types, but I just 
stuck with a full roster of almost 100 rock Pikmin and was able to defeat the 
boss after a few days. Of course, having the other Pikmin types doesn't hurt, 
but if you get tired of returning to old places and rebuilding your Pikmin 
army, you could focus 100% on rock and definitely beat the boss with enough 

Anyway, the first phase is where you can just attack it and the blobs of its
body will fall off onto the ground. Then you need to throw the Pikmin at the 
blobs on the ground. The reason for doing this is to keep the Plasm Wraith from
regenerating itself. Its health is always shown as a circular meter right 
next to it, so you should always be aware of how much health the Plasm Wraith 
has left.

When about a quarter of its health is gone, the Plasm Wraith will become much 
more difficult to fight. It will launch a large blob on the ground with a cube 
in it that will then form a hazard specific to one of the Pikmin types. By the 
way, don't bother with flying Pikmin during this fight unless you just need 
them to fill out your ranks because they don't apply to any of the types of 
blobs that the Plasm Wraith will fire.

If the blob turns pink, that means it's going to be fire. In that case, toss 
red Pikmin that you have at the cube to damage it. If the blob spikes up a 
bit, that means it's about to turn into either a crystal or a large electrical 
ball. Since you can't tell with this one until it has actually formed into the 
hazard, wait before throwing your yellow and rock Pikmin at the cubes. The 
cube will be higher up with the yellow Pikmin, so be sure to aim them high 
enough as you throw them to be at all effective in this battle.

With the rock Pikmin, just keep throwing them at the crystal cube until it 
smashes, then attack the cube itself. The crystal is in the form of a cube, as 
I have already mentioned, and it "rolls" around the area in an attempt to 
crush all the other Pikmin.

Finally, if the blob is a large sphere, then it will turn into water. That, of 
course, means using your blue Pikmin, if you have any. If any of the Pikmin 
types that do not correspond with each hazard are hurt, use your whistle to 
save as many as possible. You will need a LOT of Pikmin to get through this 

Sometimes you can just attack the Plasm Wraith and blobs will still fall from 
its body to destroy and keep him from regenerating. They will do a little bit 
of damage, but every little bit counts in this battle.

As we pass the halfway mark for its health, the Plasm Wraith's attack remain 
the same, but become much more aggressive. In addition, the Plasm Wraith will 
also shoot out two cubes and two hazards at a time, with most of the time 
being completely different hazards. Just focus on one cube at a time; trying 
to go after both is just a waste of resources and Pikmin.

However, this does mean that you are going to have to be using that whistle a 
lot more to make sure you save Pikmin and keep them from dying. Finally, as 
the battle nears a close, the Plasm Wraith will then shoot out THREE blobs 
after you have attacked it enough, which makes things that much crazier, though
the same strategies should apply.

Defeating the Plasm Wraith marks the end of the game. There is no clean-up this
time because you can't carry its body back to the S.S. Drake. Just rescue 
Olimar and that's a wrap. I hope you enjoyed your time on this planet, as 
perilous as it may have been.
Plasm Wraith



to home!


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03. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you beat Pikmin 3 on Wii U!

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