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Door Codes?

If anyone knows all the codes to open the doors in this game pleas i really could use the help?


XxGanthoRxX answered:

From what I understand, When you have door codes in the game the numbers can be different. I read online a code for a door I was struggling to get in, Found a page much like this one where the user posted a number for the code and it didnt work. I then had to proceed to scan the clues myself which gave me a different code, so I don't think even if someone gives it to you it will actually work.
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RoyalShine answered:

I'm not sure why people have problems with the codes. Use your scanner a lot, and make sure that you find Ravens (complete Raven symbols, with wings and everything).
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yellow_elevator answered:

All of the codes are randomly generated when you make a new file with two exceptions: the two codes that are written out with black light, not scannable.

1) the code needed to open Ron Freedman's safe (In Ron's Flat) is the same everytime. If you don't know it, turn on the desk lamp and there it is.

2) the code needed to open the door when you need to get the doctor's eye. After you kill all the enemies in the room, use the scanner to line up the images along the pillars. They will combine to form numbers if you position yourself right. This code is also the same every time.
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