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Can someone help me in a room door is locked any ideas?

I can't really remeber where I am but I went in a room and a door is shut behind me and I can't open the door and they is boxes in the room and a dead zombie it says use keycard but I don't even have one says a magnetic key card one, do I blow up the wall to get out?

The quest is reach the royal bunker entrance, the crates had some ammo in them and c4 the first time you get them but how do I use them?

I have no idea how to get out of this room, I did scan the door nothing works. Looks like I am in some sewers.

Accepted Answer

ThePrisoner06 answered:

Think you may have a major glitch there. If your mission is to head towards the Palace gates, then you shouldnt be able to get in that room yet, its much later in the game. If you cannot get out of that room, then suggest you quit and start again from your last saving point.
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