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How many levels are in Donkey Kong Crash Course?

In Donkey Kong Crash Course the level I've played is two screens high and is split into a number of areas.

How many levels/screens are there?

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Joakley815 answered:

There are 4 "boards" or "stages" with 10 areas each. To access the 2nd stage, you must beat the first one twice. Likewise, to access the 3rd stage, you must complete the 2nd stage twice (if I recall correctly). If you beat the 3rd stage, you'll be able to access the 4th stage immediately (i.e., you don't have to beat stage 3 twice to access stage 4).
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Mkman221994 answered:

In Donkey Kong Crash Course there are 10 stages.
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magiccube4527 answered:

There's another level after finishing the first ten stages. I'm not sure if there's anymore after that, because that is as far as I got.
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ieatpwns answered:

I think there's 4.
Once you beat the blue level you get to go back and play a harder version of the red level.
So im assuming you can do the same with the blue level
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